How to Make Democrats Regret Red Flag Laws

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Whatever the hell that means, but if you say so… :rofl:

You know what it means. Have a nice day.

I really don’t, but you do the same.


Who would have guessed trolling was the solution all along.

Not going to lie but I have very little sympathy for this man. Know how I’ve lived this long? Not answer the door to the cops with a shotgun. Seems the red flag call was justified

I am so surprised.

One less gun owner for you. That’s a great thing, am I right?

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I’m a gun owner. I’ve given up my firearms on one occasion and the state stepped in and stopped the second(long stories but I’ll share if you like) but no there’s a difference between stupidity and fighting the cause. Hey the guy wants to open the door and tell em ■■■■ you and go to jail fine. Dont try to go out rambo or this is the consequences.

People get testy when government un-constitutionalty seizes their property. But your might makes right argument is noted.

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If cops showed up on my front door demanding my Firearms, I’d be pissed.

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Just be thankful they didn’t send a drone strike I guess.


You’re not allowed to be pissed. You are permitted to submit.


Since everything is ex parte, there’s no warning or notification. Just hand ‘em over, you don’t get to ask questions.

I got an idea.
Rather that fiddling with police time and mis-spending public dollars (and possibly complicating your afterlife with “false witness” stuff), why not elect like-minded folks to the legislature and repealing the bad laws?

I had a crazy ex girlfriend who said I threatened her and her family. She had a secret hearing to get a restraining order when I had no idea. She got it so I technically had to turn over my firearm with no due process. The states attorney actually intervened on my behalf and rejected taking my guns because they figured out it was ■■■■■■■■■ But sometimes it’s the right thing to do even though in my case it was not. I would have done it if I had to and got it back later

Everybody else should do this thing I won’t do myself.

I’m just going to leave this right here…

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And? Quite a few of us in this thread on the right, said it was an stupid thing to say. and you’ll notice, he walked it back when the people that voted for him made clear he wouldn’t be getting a second term if he didn’t.