How to Make Democrats Regret Red Flag Laws

EVERY time you just SUSPECT a democrat has an even momentary upset, an argument with a spouse, girlfriend, or other acquaintance, red flag them!

It’s anonymous.

Be sure they are a democrat & own a gun, (well, you suspect they do), & don’t lie, be SURE you SUSPECT they are up to something, as the law SAYS…

A few hundred, or maybe a few thousand incidents & the law will be overturned…

This crap needs to stop, turn it against those who think it’s such a great “safety” measure…

Sounds like a great plan.

It’s just a stupid law that will just make “Swatting” legal & anonymous.

The red flag law in one state has already resulted in a guy being shot & killed inside his own home.

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Annotation please

Ammosexuals gonna ammosexual.

Great post. Pac clerks gonna Pac

And dems can do the same to republicans. The result-less people with guns which is what the gun control side wants. Great plan by the op :joy:

Already are.


Yeah I suggested this a while back.

Go for it. In VA at least it wouldnt do anything but result in the caller getting in trouble.

A complaint (which at least in VA is not anonymous) would trigger a law enforcement investagstion where they must find clear and convincing evidence of the person being a danger to themselves or others.

So your plan would result in a lot of false police reports (which is a crime) and a waste of LE time.

Great plan

Ah, good counter plan, jail anyone who reports Democrats may be dangerous. Good luck proving whether or not someone subjectively feels someone presents a danger.

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Did I say Jail?
I simply said false police reporting is a crime

Who said anything about false? You may want to re-read the OP.

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Ok. Cool. So do it.
Won’t amount to anything since again, this idea that someone makes a complaint and cops then raid the home is just false

Hmm you may have a point. So how about we do this instead. Follow Democrats lead and pass other laws removing rights they may not like by using the absurd standard they may commit a crime at some unspecified date. By the way, being free is also a right.

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We need to be hyper-sensitive to the mental state of libs during these trying times of the Trump presidency - lives are at stake.

If you see or hear something, say something.

Reporting a LWAG could save a life.

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So what you’re saying is… you want a flag war… with the libs…



:rofl: 2010, is that you? :joy:

No, it’s you. “Provide the Strength!”