How the Democrat party and the media failed and misslead their members

Democrat party and media leaders drum up hatred and resentment towards Trump and his supporters…then they promised to stop Trump and his supporters only to fail em at the most critical time.

So why should the people continue supporting such a party that abuses the people they are suppose to represent?

Every democrat/lib that out there should be looking at alternative party. The Democratic party let you all down at must critical moment in history, their arrogance, their threats and intimidation has gotten them only so far, yet failing to get them and their supporters across the finish line.

This is what happen when democrat leaders prey on their supporters, this is what happens when you fill their heads with hate and resentment.

We’ve gone through one of most embarrassing moment in America history IMO because of what leaders of democrat party did to Americans…dividing this nation and for what?


Every liberal who has supported the party should be angry and what your leaders did to you…everyone of em.

The question now is what are you gong to do about it? Reward their behavior…their failures? their own lust for power while filling their members heads with hatred, resentment and auger?

Libs deserve better then that…


Recovered memories?.. Really?..

Not sure what you’re saying here?



They riled their supporters up…filled their heads with bitter hatred only to fail em all at most critical time.

Success isn’t guaranteed and they’re still light years better than trump and repubs.

liberals deserve better. but not leftists

Even after what they did to their supporters?

If that’s what you call representation then I feel sorry for libs.

Dem’s pass legislation that I approve of and repubs don’t. So dems are doing just fine.

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If you say so…but it seems to me democratic party is in shambles.

They prey on their members…they filled their heads with hatred and resentment in attempt to gain power for themselves.

I have never been registered Democrat, but I am voting Democrat for Congress and Senate this election season.

It’s a free country…people have a right to vote for their abusers.

What abuse?

I hope that there is an investigation on the leak of Dr. Ford’s identity and the guilty party is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Feinstein deserves sanctioned for her handling of the allegation as well.


We all witness just how far the democrat party will go for power.

Abusing the very people they claim/suppose to represent.

Filling their heads with anger, hatred and resentment for what?


Talk about abuse…I’ve never seen such abuse in my life time.


And the republican are offering nothing to win over those voters your talking about

He can’t remember

Nope… It is going down the memory hole and will live on only as a chant at a Rally to rile up the base.

It will be somewhere between “Lock Her Up” and " Promises Kept"

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Why do you are? You never believed Dr Ford any aye.

Your biased judge is now on the Supreme Court. Congrats. Can’t wait for that first case that he is involved with “which one is the Democrat? I am voting AGAINST them!”

The DemocratIC party was listening to their constituents, and their disgust with the Republicans and Trump. They did, what you claim politicians should do…fight for their constituents.

Sadly, math is still the problem. There are more Republicans than Democrats.

Hopefully, that will change soon.