How the Caravan will be handled outside of stupidity

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I never thought I’d live to see the day when so many American citizens would take great pleasure in seeing and encouraging the borders of the United States to be invaded and overrun by the poverty stricken, poorly educated, low-skilled and criminal populations of other countries. Could it be those who rejoice are not American Citizens, or are paid political operatives? I just can’t understand it.


There was a time not too long ago in New York when the able-bodied were ashamed to accept home relief, a program created by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1931 when he was Governor. Now, New York City and many other major cities are infested with countless government cheese factions, including recent abled bodied immigrants, who not only demand welfare, but use it to buy beer, wine, drugs, sex, and Lotto tickets.

Well, I can see where someone might believe our military might shoot some of these caravaners. He said if they throw rocks, the military is instructed to consider those rocks as rifles. So one errant rock could spark a shooting war. Right?

I never thought I’d see the day where an American president would be afraid of some Rock Throwing poor people. So much so he’d give the military the rule of engagement to treat rocks like rifles and shoot back.

Understand this.

I would take the poverty stricken refugee over your average Trumpist any day of the week. At least they are an unknown quantity with a chance of having a positive impact on society. That is far more than I can say for those who have spent years at this point demonstrating they are devoid of core values and basic human decency.


God, I love this post…

Here you go thinking, they’ll get what they deserve just like this… :smile:

did you read my OP less then 500 will be allowed into the country.

You have a problem with our personnel protecting our border defending themselves using rubber bullets, tear gas and stun grenades against rock throwers?


That isn’t what the President said, he said deadly force.

LINK ? Or did you make that up?


Based on government quotas there are just over 500 Asylum permit less for South Americans.

Yes! YES!! YES!!!

Wow…do you actually come out of the basement and enjoy the real world…rubber bullets can seriously hurt or kill people break bones and severely bruise internal organs.

So yeah…in response to rock throwing? Your post makes me sad.

There will be no need for rubber bullet, tear gas, stun grenades, if you allow the caravan to peaceful surrender at the border.

No sense of humor.

He said that if they throw rocks the military will fight back. They will consider the rocks the same as rifles.

good thing the military doesn’t operate on what the President personal views as a deadly threat.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I’m sure there’s a lot of thing you have hard time grasping. :rofl:


Odd that nobody brings up Kent State. Trump probably has no clue about that bit of history.