How the Caravan will be handled outside of stupidity

Based on how the DHS and DOD are moving it seem clear on what their plan for the Caravan and any future Caravan will be.

  1. they are going to secure the border to stop illegal trafficking
  2. they are going to build tent cities to house and process Caravans these cities will exist on U.S soil.
    3, they will likely outside of stupidity from the President welcome the Caravan peaceful and without resistance.
  3. the caravans will be detained inside the tent cities and not allowed into the general population
  4. migrants will be processed by the justice system and deported
  5. 99.9% of the migrants will be deported as the current refugee quota from South America is 1,500 total claims

this is what will happen if sanity in the government is allowed to properly do their job without for seen stupidity.

You just now figured it out.

INS will go and anyone that have valid reason will be sent home.

This time their isn’t no Fidel Castro to blame.

even if they have a valid reason the quota is so sow 1,500 and 900 + have already been accept that they will be sent home and ask to replay next year.

it would take a act of Congress to increase the number.

This is the hate we have to put up with from the whiny ass libs every day.

what happens if the “migrants” turn violent at the border?

like they already have shown they do

They will be detained.

Hopefully our brave men and women will put them down and protect us

The only two reason for violence to happen right now is if DHS doesn’t accept their peaceful surrender and tries to push them back or if the Caravan refuses to peacefully surrender.

Of course this is what will be done. Did somebody think the military was going to shoot them? They will be assisting setting up the tent city so the border people can do their jobs.
And this has nothing to do with quotas. If a significant number had real amnesty causes, the media would have reported these long ago.

They want to bury the lead in fear. Soros pulled out all of the sob stories to make the bleeding heart libs want to subvert the rule of law .

Your not funny.

That’s error messages, not methods. Again, I keep getting error messages when I try to edit.

They did a lot of damage to the Mexican army.

But what if they throw a rock?


I don’t think the OP is taking into account the catapults and flaming arrows from the “invaders”.

Tents and registrations?? That sounds like some kind of band camp.


Only if the caravaners throw rocks…

People who live in tents in make shift cities should not throw rocks- Donald Trump.

With rocks?

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10 char

About 15 or 20 of em.