How should a leader respond?


Okay, that’s out of the way.

Just read a followup story, which stated that Andrew Gillum is pausing his campaign and returning to Tallahassee. That’s how it’s done:

  1. Stop campaigning
  2. Visit the affected area
  3. Focus on the victims

It’s a simple calculus, Mr. President. Mayor Gillum faces election in 3 days, yet he chooses to stand down on the critical final weekend to simply be there with his constituents. No defying the wishes of the victimized community; no grandstanding speeches afterward blaming the “enemy” for the hate; and oh yeah, NO “ME! ME! ME!” RALLIES ON THE DAY OF THE TRAGEDY, DURING AN ELECTION YOU’RE NOT RUNNING IN!

It’s not rocket surgery

What shooting is this?

You’re asking too much of Donald. The adoring faces and cheers of his rally crowds sustain him more than a super-sized combo at McDonald’s. If he allows a simple thing like a mass shooter to disrupt that he risks turning into ash like a vampire in sunlight.

Is this the same person Trump called a criminal and thief during his speech in FL, good for him for showing Trump what class looks like.

Why should the American people suffer because some people went to a Hippie Exercise class? Ridiculous!

I agree. That’s a ridiculous rhetorical question.

The gunman was apparently a MRA who railed against the plight of “incels”, or the involuntary celibate. He attacked women and was particularly upset about those who “betrayed their blood” by engaging in interracial relationships. A real winner here. I wonder why he had trouble finding love?

How will Trump respond to yet another right winger murdering innocent people? Probably complain about it hurting his momentum.

President Trump in Pittsburgh:

  1. Visited the affected area
  2. Focused on the victims
  3. Did not campaign
  1. Immediately went back to spreading the same conspiracy theory that the shooter mentioned as a motivation for his massacre.

Yeah, he was in mourning.

Now, we did have two maniacs stop a momentum that was incredible, because for seven days nobody talked about the elections,” Trump said. “It stopped a tremendous momentum.”

You know what this piece of ■■■■ hours after 11 Jews were murdered? Take a wild guess.

We are in the midst of a midterm election. Of course the President is not going to give up politics.

This forum is becoming a source of nothing but ludicrous and continual attacks, with few issues discussed.

“They [the Jews] were so nice to me”

Another day, another murderous Trump supporter.

The biggest mass murder of Jews in the history of this country, the bodies are still warm and this piece of ■■■■ does a rally. Why do you defend this?

Not even a moment of silence at that rally for those 11 murdered Jews. You still defend this? Seriously?

Doug, is hat a leader that shows compassion? A leader that has any decency?

It helps to find out the truth before making up all this stuff. Bowers was a Trump hater, just like so many in this forum.

“Bowers was explicit in his dislike of the president, saying he did not vote for him and had never “owned, worn or even touched” a Make America Great Again hat. Challenging the news media narrative that President Trump praised Nazi demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, Bowers agreed with another extremist that the president had “betrayed” right-wing radical protesters by “comparing them with a violent mob.”


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