How Picky Are YOU?


As a ‘senior’, I often marvel how few foods I like. It’s like I never grew up in the area of food exploration. To start off…I don’t put condiments on my sandwiches. No ketchup, mustard, mayo, lettuce, relish, pickles.

What have you either never tried or what ‘normal’ food do you not like?


I dunno about ‘picky.’ I’ll go with ‘purist,’ or ‘originalist.’

A few years ago I ‘discovered’ that wasabi, (which I like a lot) was completely masking the taste of the raw sashimi I was putting it on, (Well DUH!) and tried raw fish without it. I LOVED it.

Then I started trying all sorts if things from hamburgers without ketchup (sometimes without salt or even buns), salad with no dressing, eggs with no salt, no oil, no butter on my toast etc. etc…

I not only discovered that God has made some really great tasting food, (Double DUH!) but also discovered

  • that all those mayonaises, dressings, salsas etc. were a real part of my food budget, and that
  • bacon is a food group.

I’ve since gone back to using ‘pure’ spices like red pepper instead of someone else’s mix of 25-ingredients in $15/lb hot sauce, freshly ground pepper, etc…


Lol!! Yeah, I totally get the more ‘purist’ part that you speak of. But, there are some things that I cannot imagine enjoying without salt. Mashed potatoes and corn are 2.

It just seems like my palate ‘hates’ the taste of many things…oh, and I don’t like any kind of seafood! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Onions,I simply can not eat onions. It seems everything that looks and sounds good has onions on our in.


I hate onions too! I’ve ordered hot sausage hoagies and I tell them ‘just sauce and cheese - no onions or peppers please!!!’


Can’t help you here- I eat everything except liver.


I envy you Bill! And I don’t like liver either, although hubby does, and I make a pretty good liver n onions for him every so often.


NOW you’re bringing back memories of the 70s, pickin sweet corn straight from the field and eating it before we got back.

Yeah, salt adds a lot to potatoes, but so does almost anything (plain potatoes with plain broccoli and plain beef?). They are almost a canvas for adding flavor and texture to, but actually, potatoes taste good by themselves once in a while.


To add to my list of what I don’t like:

pop (soda)

I’m just getting started !!!


In general I’m not a picky eater, but I certainly have preferences. New York pizza over Chicago style, for example. The latter isn’t pizza, it’s a casserole.


Man I envy you - I WISH I didn’t like soda (I drink entirely too much of it). I’m with you on the coffee, though - I like the smell of it, but not the taste.


And I eat liver without onions😜


Oh I LOVE the smell of coffee…but no amount of add-ons can cover up the crappy taste!

I have other pecularities that are probably more mental than palate related. Like, if there is cheese on a sandwich, it HAS to be on top, between the meat and the top bun. And the top bun has to stay on top. So, if the cheese is between the meat and the bottom bun, it sends me into a ‘loop’ that only deconstructing the sandwich will fix.


I found recently that I really enjoyed plain sweet potatoes. But my Yukon golds and red skins will always get some real butter and salt and pepper.


Is that like thin crust vs thick? I prefer the thin.


I like both of these but recently gave up soda for weight control


What makes me SMH, is that I should be soooo danged skinny! But, too much of what my palate does like is not good for the poundage.


6 days a week i am very picky. I eat only steak and eggs 2x a day, a little cheese and some salad with red vineger…no salt…lots of black pepper.
One day a,week* TODAY!*
I eat pizza, fried chicken, mashed potatoe, gravy and beers and salt…anything i craved during the week.
Im a little over 6’4 and was 290…been doing this awhile and and now maintian a leaner 260 and feel great. My oldest son is a globetrotting adventure/athelete type. Turned me on to this last year. Sorry to have been so winded just to say yes to being picky.


Oh I don’t blame you.

I’ve enjoyed kissing women who sometimes experiment with flavored lip gloss too, I just no longer recommend flavor be added to every kiss. :kissing_heart:


Cottage cheese, buttermilk, sour cream, raw oysters, okra all gag me