How Much Wealth Redistribution to the Trumps Has Occurred?

I was reading on how the US ambassador to Canada had used Trump hotel for a dinner with Canadian politicians and I started to wonder how often this happens.

Then there is all his taxpayer funded gold trips to his courses.

And apparently the the national Republican party has been paying to use his hotels.

By your title, I’m kind of guessing you don’t know the definition of “Wealth Redistribution”.

Just sayin’

American’s tax money goes to pay for Trump weekend vacations.

Donations to the Republican party are going to Trump properties too.

I’m guessing you don’t know the definition of wealth redistribution based on your comment.

If by “wealth redistribution” you mean “emoluments and corruption,” way more than the zero permitted by the Constitution without consent of the congress.

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Not exaggerating here, but history will find this admin. the most corrupt in our history. It’ll beat the pants off of Hoover, which in my history classes was the worst.

Donny’s making Bank!! Hoo Tah!!

In 2016, then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton charged at least $100,000 per head for a fundraising dinner in Nebraska. Former President Obama in 2012 headlined fundraising events that cost upwards of $35,800 per person.


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Did she host it in the Clinton Hotel?

Did she gold at Clinton Golf Courses, and pay it for rooms and carts and Secret service accommodations?

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This is right out of the conservative playbook. Transfer public funds into their own private hands, all the while pretending to be against government spending.



Just quoting from one of the articles listed.

I’m curious. Do you believe $100,000 per person who went to that fundraiser went to the hotel?

Public funds?

Of course not. But some of it surely did.

And TBH, I don’t care that much about that - it’s GOP money - spend it as you choose.

But the official trips to Trump properties and the rental of Secret Service rooms and carts etc…that is truly our money going right into the presidents pockets.

Talking about the official trips to trump properties.

So what? It’s a hotel and conference center. Should they not be reimbursed for the use of the property? Is that not the business they are in?

Then what is the problem?

Ok. What property can they use for free? Were the properties the bamas used for their vacations not reimbursed for their services? Aren’t the Clintons leasing some of their property to the secret service? Where’s your outrage over that?

What exactly is the problem? Please be specific.

Why would the Clintons lease space the Secret Service?

When, for example, Pres. Obama went golfing, the Secret service would rent carts from the golf course he was playing at. That wouldn’t result in money in the pocket of Obama.

IOW, Trump has an economic motivation to play golf - he makes money every time he plays golf.

When Obama would go away for teh weekend, or on vacation, the Secret Service would rent rooms from the hotel - she Tax payer money would go into the coffers of that establishment.

When trump goes on vacation, that money goes into his pocket. So again, he has a financial incentive to go away every weekend - every time he does, our money goes into his bank.

The problem is, the POTUS is taking our tax payer money and putting it right in his pocket every time he goes on vacation or plays golf.

Additionally, with his DC hotel, foreign dignitaries visiting want to butter up the president. US law prevents them from giving lavish gifts. But they can of course stay at the POTUS own hotel, and run up big tabs, in essence giving the POTUS money.

It’s weird that this isn’t glaringly obvious as a problem.