How much prison time should this maniac get?

Warning. Graphic video. Political violence will only stop after we start prosecuting these nut jobs. If I were the judge, this weasel would get at least one year in prison, ordered to seek mental health treatment and would be forbidden from attending any political rallies for life. We have an abundance of people these days who have absolutely no control over their emotions. This is the second offense for this freak. Probation ain’t gonna cut it.

Violence is never appropriate.

Looks like assault to me.

Should be open and shut case.

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Probation or prison time? And how much?

That depends on how good his lawyer is.

Doubtful it would go to trial… will more than likely get pled down.

Who cares? I won’t be sifting through the testimony and evidence.

It’s just another piece of video in a social media world. It’s not that important in the history of the United States.

He’s a punk who needs to get his act together.

Unless he has a record, the chance of him getting anything more than a fine and maybe a few months probation approaches absolute zero.

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Yeah… i know that the bait is trying to be set to defend this guy… but most of us are of the mindset that if you are going to do that sort of thing… be ready to suffer the consequences.

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Not even good bait… This happened in Toronto, Canada…

How much prison time should he get? Not much. There was no power behind the kick, the individual wasn’t hurt, he was going for the camera…and is more of a fool than a criminal. The time should fit the crime and I’d say that should be a fine and probation.

So…not a maniac. Thanks for your even-handed response. The video wouldn’t load for me and it wasn’t worth fiddling with.

Oh…now you believe me. :sunglasses:

Well, I said I couldn’t see the video. If you were being sarcastic, ok then.

My sarcasm is usually pretty obvious. The guy is a dumb ass who tried to be funny to those around him and wasn’t. Was his behavior criminal? Technically it was assault but the reality of it was…it was a failed, ill thought out joke.

So? Did you know that we have Canadiens, Brits and other foreign nationals commenting on our issues? I’m guessing that we should be permitted to comment on theirs. Yes?

LMAO… If the victim wasn’t a pro-lifer this wouldn’t even register on the local news in Toronto, yet you are up in arms over a simple assault case…

It’s just part of the “Dems unhinged” narrative trying to stoke partisan fears and tribalism.

Easier to say that the guy shouldn’t have assaulted her and move on with your life.

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It was definitely an assault against a woman. Probation means that we don’t take assaults against women seriously. He has caused trouble before. It’s time to offer serious consequences for assault.

BTW did you noticed the cute pendant he was wearing? I don’t think that his decision to choose Satan as his master is working out well for him. He may want to try a different path.



This guy is absolutely deserving of whatever porking punishment he gets.

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