How much money did we waste with syria?

Killed the Most Wanted Austere Religious Scholar in the world.

Don’t forget that.

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why would you reduce your posting level to this kind of trolling?

a little disappointing

Why do you guys keep harping on that - especially in a thread about Trump’s culpability in Syria regarding our allies the Kurds.

Some idiot headline writer wrote a ridiculous headline - and hopefully was fired on account of it.

It was a headline. The actual article was not sympathetic to the bastard.

As I said in a different thread, I’d dearly love to know the name of the guy who wrote that headline, and if he still has a job.

So now can we get back to the matter at hand?

Trump’s ineptness jeopardized the success of the killing of Bagdaddi. It cost the lives of innocent Kurds. It cost us a lot of money in abandoned equipment, etc. Then he ends up sending troops right back to Syria. Talk about inept…

What are your opinions on that?

It seems that you are the one that is clueless.

Did our forces leave food and supplies behind in Syria when they were evacuated?

Are the Russians and Turks now more chummy than ever?

Did we just abandon our allies the Kurds - when it was their intelligence that enabled us to get el-Bagdaddi? How many Kurds died because Trump wanted to safeguard his hotel in Turkey?

Money was wasted - unnecessarily.

Please point out the flaws in my statements - sentence by sentence. With proof. Because if you read any article on the subject by any objective news media, that’s exactly what happened.

How much money did we waste there? All of it. lol

War crimes?

What resurgence is that?

The caliphate has been destroyed along with it’s leadership.

Where is the new leadership and caliphate located? What are the numbers? What is their source of financing?


How did allowing Turkey to attack the Kurds help accomplish this?

We may never know for sure but it very well could have forced him out of hiding and on the move allowing him to be identified, located, and targeted.

How much value do you place on the life of our young soldiers and tell me what it is you want to accomplish in Syria?

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We’ve left fortifications, food, supplies, vehicles etc behind everywhere we’ve withdrawn. Remember ISIS armed itself originally primarily with US weapons and vehicles we’d left behind in Iraq for the benefit of Iraqi forces.

Yes, Turkey and Russia are now “closer than ever”, ;heck, they may even start buying Russian Anti Aircraft weapons and radar, HA!

I’m not happy about how this withdrawal was accomplished but at least I’m not going to turn into a screaming hypocrite like so many of our Trump haters have done.

Also, it was the Kurds who are to be thanked mightily for working with the US to capture this turd even after trump abandoned them.

Donkey donuts. The Kurds helped us in spite of our idiot president abandoning them.

But must defend the dotard no matter what.

You have no idea whatsoever what led up to the raid or how it was executed.

It caught everyone off guard and made them speed up the mission. This made it more dangerous. Trump Was a liability to the mission. The professionalism of the military overcame this.

It’s not on Fox News?

You’re fabricating nonsense.

None of the details have been made public on any channel.

It’s hard to realize our president is an idiot. I know.

Round and round the mulberry bush. No thanks love.