How much money did we waste with syria?

We our recent move out of bases in syria. Leaving behind food and supplies. How much money did we just waste?
Seein how Russia took over, the kurds got screwed and… now having to put troops back in?

I’m just curious if anyone knows of anyone who was so against government waste with spending was upset by this?

No? Okie dokie…

Oh trump got booed and this some moral outrage about being victims is more important…got it.

Stable genius.

Are you equating yourself with a deer about to get kicked in the rear end by an AK-47 he or she wasn’t expecting?

What is your actual opinion of Trump’s Syrian activities?

Here’s the breakdown as I understand. Please link to any facts that contradict what I write.

  1. A skeleton force of US soldiers in Syria was preventing the Turks from invading the country and harming our Kurdish allies in their ethnic cleansing desire.

  2. Trump has a phone call with the Turkish president, and Trump has hotels in Turkey.

  3. Trump tells his top brass to remove the skeleton force from Syria because it’s time we, the US, got out of that endless war. He reassures any who care that if Turkey gets too mean, he’ll wipe out their economy.

  4. Politicians on both sides of the aisle protest Trump’s order and point out what is going to happen (and what does happen - the very next day).

  5. The very next day Turkey invades and innocent civilians are killed, buildings destroyed etc., to create a dead “buffer zone.”

  6. Trump orders a thousand troops sent to Saudi.

  7. After a few days of killing, Trump installs sanctions on Turkey.

  8. The US brokers a cease fire between Turkey and Syria. Trump immediately lifts sanctions

  9. Trump moves soldiers back into Syria.

What did Trump accomplish with this Conan? Please enlighten me.


Libs mad.

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Well they did get Bakr al-Baghdadi, and I heard they also got Abu Hassan al-Muhajir on separate attack day later in northeast Syria.

As for my walk away…that was left open for couple reasons. One that each individual can determine for themselves.

It had meaning.

Which they could have gotten anyways since they knew where.he was for a few months…

Try again.

So the betrayal of our allies the Kurds, the total waste of money of taking our troops out and then putting them back in again, you are okay with that? You didn’t think it was obvious that that would happen?

I’m not sure what’s going on, but my opinion is pretty clear.

I have no problem our goverment going after terrorist that kills America, I do have a problem of intervention.

Totally worth allowing war crimes.

Cool this really wasnt it.

which goes against the cornerstone of combating terrorism, you can’t kill your way out of the war on terror.

Well then you can view the buck walking away from your thread. :wink:

So you’re okay with our betrayal of the Kurds - our allies.

Do you have any idea what other allies of ours are thinking at this moment? That they can’t trust the US.

Do you not think that will harm us in the long run and lead to more American lives being lost?

You don’t think a whole group of people that were once our allies, that now hate us, won’t be up for a little revenge if they get the chance? That’s only human nature…

seconds before it gets shot in the back by a hunter who’d just been waiting for it.

Backstab…I like it.

Our backstabbling of the Kurds?

I don’t think any revenge they may take - and I hope it won’t happen but when people have been betrayed who knows where their rage and despair will take them - can be described as a backstab. More of a, “this is for my family that you people left behind to die, you SOB.”

And here I thought the picture was appropriate because it cam represent so many things.

And it was deleted. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

how does destabilizing Syria more, and killing a few high profile target stop the re-insurgence of ISIS.

So we are ok with all this money wasted ?


Are you really that clueless? What are you accomplishing by being there?