How many states could possibly re-open Monday, May 4th?

Call me an eternal optimist in believing Trump will be proactive in getting at least some of the 26 Republican governors to align (in mildly hit states) to re-open in early May.

It will be also be nice to have some Democrat governors joining in from the get go too, but…

We work to the pandemic’s timeline, not our own desired one.

Lift things too soon and run the risk of making all the economic sacrifice to date worthless.

Why does it need to be republican? Doesn’t virus expand based on political affiliation?

It ideally will be a bi-partisan affair…

Hence, why I also conveyed:

“It will be also be nice to have some Democrat governors joining in from the get go too, but…”

The timeline is not determined by politics. Politics is the only timeline consideration in the OP.

I would love for this nonsense to be over the beginning of May.

I think it will be end of May or into the first part of June though.

Just trying to be a realist.


Very interesting website. May give you a better idea. Keep in mind without a working vaccine, and the number of people who could still not have an immunity to this, send people back out and go back too soon, and it all starts up again.

Given that most of the states that took steps to address the spread of the pandemic are led by Democrats and that several Republican led states have still not addressed the issue… why do you think Republicans will be in a position to go first.

This week, Idaho has more Covid-19 cases (% of population infected, not total cases) than California. Ergo, California is closer to reopening than Idaho.

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You can thank idiots like Ammon Bundy for that

I thought the Bundy Family were heroes in these parts.

I think Indiana could very well be in position to. But that all depends on the disease itself. Is it gone? Do we need to stay away from work? DO we need to continue to social distance? We just don’t know do we?

While Trump keeps mentioning that #'s are coming in better than projected, Governor Cuomo already mentioned today in his daily presser the Tri-State will be working in a coordinated fashion in taking steps to re-open their three respective states.

Being that the POTUS cannot mandate what States re-open I utilize logic to how the country might get back to work in 2-4 phases.

We can all look at the coronavirus on a union map. Although it will be ideal to re-open in a bi-partisan kind of way, reality of the divide might make that possibility more remote.

Please let me know what Blue States might join with Red States. For example, I saw how Republican Alabama Governor Kay Ivey is on the record sharing the POTUS desire to lift restrictions sooner than later in her state. Then maybe Georgia outside Atlanta, parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Wyoming and Utah are other red states that might turn out to be among the States that could go live in Phase 1.

It is entirely possible. So far the beast seems to be under performing. It may have already peaked in the hardest hit areas.

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The goal was to not break the hospitals.

Harrisburg and all points west in PA will be ready to ease restrictions. Not all at once…A step at a time a step forward.

Same for WV.

I am not sure this should be a blue state/red state issue. The underlying issues are how many infections, how much testing is available, how accurate is the data. That’s much more important than the party affiliation of the Governor.


you sure thats not “optimist?”

please show where most republicans view this as a “hoax”

or, just disappear for three weeks without answering

smart people wont bother and the idiots wont notice ; )

It is too soon to know how if all Governor’s will conform in a bi-partisan way. What blue states do you feel are likely candidates to be among those in 1st wave?

You’re not getting my perspective. This is not a political problem; it is a scientific one and a national one. The important one is what are the conditions that need to be met to safely exit quarantine… not the political affiliation of governors.

Yes and they should open just as soon as there is reasonable assurance that there won’t be continued spread of the virus in communities where they are shut down. Do it before then and it’s all a waste. Setting some arbitrary date before such data is known is foolish.

Even if tomorrow, the government said, okay everything is cool to open again, it isn’t like everything goes back to how it was 2 months ago in the same time it took to where we are now. And that is not even considering the financial issues we now have with the federal government bailing out everyone the way they did.