How Many Promises Trump Made Can You Think Of That He Kept?

Each year liberalism takes a little bit at a time from us because we’ve had weak presidents.

Except when they spy on us or when the president reveals confidential information to Russian in the oval office of course

That’s fuuuuuuuuuuny!

I thought we were all God’s chosen people. Do they get in front of the line up in heaven or something?

You know nothing about classification and declassification and who has authority to do what. So your post is malicious and lacking both honesty and authority. You are indeed a proglib.

Umm… yeah. But no matter, faith is counted as righteousness for us all.

We’re all God’s children, but not His chosen people. There’s a big diff.

I never took any of Trump’s promises seriously, except for Obama-related things that he could reverse by executive order.

If somebody could type it and and all he had to do is sign it, then I figured that it was going to happen.

Anything else–just saying stuff for votes, like all other politicians. Of course, his promises sounded loonier and more exaggerated.

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Trump kept his promises to his baby mamas and his affairs.

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The only reason Israel is our ally is because of strategic presence in Middle East. We armed them with nukes and weapons, we give them billions of dollars a year. Take away the weapons and the money, and Israel would turn on us like a drop of the hat.

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And he also promised that fools would worship him even if he shot someone in broad daylight… go figure.

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What were those promises?

There’s nothing funnier than saying something about Trump and Russia and watching their hive become aflutter with rage.


His wedding vows.

I do understand that doesn’t matter to Republicans anymore.

What were those vows? Not everyone says the same vows. Can you provide a link to the words that Trump used in his vows?

Frankly I would be happier if Trump closed the Israeli Embassy. That move was a big “nothing burger” for me.

He has not started building “his wall”. He is taking credit for some construction projects that were already in the works before he came on board. He has moved money from different agencies to fund the continuation of steel bollard fencing that was already being constructed under President Obama. Not one millimeter of wall-fence has been constructed based on any of his prototypes he had built outside the San Diego sector. None of any of the construction that has taken place has been paid for by Mexico.

Yes. Fat Donald sat on his fat ass and signed a tax cut into law that was a HUGE FREAKING WINDFALL for the wealthy and corporate fat cats.

Hope you enjoy your CostCo membership little people. Just remember, your tax cuts diminish and end in a few years. The cuts for the wealthy and the corporate entities are permanent. Woo Hoo! Praise Fat Donald!

The Republicans in Congress gave us the tax cuts, all Donald contributed was his scrawl on the bottom line.

Yes. He freed up those pipelines. Woo Hoo! Gas prices have gone up since then. Heck Yeah! Oh his promise that it would be domestic pipe used in that construction didn’t work out all that well either.

Plus, as predicted, we have already had to perform clean-ups of leaked oil from the pipeline.

I think Trump’s family values wedding vows included his multiple wives saying that he can have sex with anybody he wants. You know, like most Republicans wedding vows.

Not all wedding vows have the traditional words of “forsaking all others” and “faithful”. But maybe Trump’s did. Do you know? You post like you know.

Does it really matter? He’s mentally ill (o so I’m told) and therefore cannot be held to account for any promises.

Is that what mental illness means to you?