How Many Promises Trump Made Can You Think Of That He Kept?

  1. He promised to move the US Embassy to Israel. (DONE)

  2. He promised to build the wall it has been started. Tho the money isn’t there yet to continue. What gets me about the anti gun, anti wall Hollywoodians, that they always have armed security & a wall around their homes.

  3. He promised to start cutting taxes & did.

  4. He promised to take the regulations off the two pipe lines that Obama wouldn’t free & did.

Taxes and Gorsuch, that’s all he’s done and neither of them he planned or implemented.

He’s run the country like he ran his businesses; massively in debt and corruptly


He built that wall.

We can say Merry Christmas again.


Osama Bin Laden is dead.

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Were there any promises about porn stars?

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He did promise to Make Affairs Great Again.

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Yes, I was thinking about that (saying Merry Christmas) again this morning.

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He’s hired only the best

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Duck. That was the funniest thing I’ve seen you say. I felt that deserved more than just a like. :ok_hand:

I can completely imagine a version of you waking up in the morning every day saying “Merry Christmas.”

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Thanks. I like comments from liberals, that are funny.

I guess that’s where he failed.

He put Hillary Clinton in jail. I can only assume that’s where she is because I never hear about her anymore.


Last years Christmas was AMAZING

Who gives a ■■■■ about moving the US Embassy in Israel? Trump promised it would cost $200-300K dollars or so. Of course that was a complete lie, latest estimate: over $20 million (100 x his promise).

The wall hasn’t “been started.” Trump promised that Mexico would pay for the wall - it hasn’t and won’t.

Trump promised to balance the budget - he’s so far done exactly the opposite.

You forgot his idiot promises which he has kept: pulling the US out of the Iran nuclear deal, and out of the Paris Climate Accords (though not yet taken effect).

Where’s your proof that it cost that much money?

  • Documents made public this month show the State Department awarded a $21.2 million contract for upgrades to the US embassy building in Jerusalem.

He promised that libs would go nuts.

Israel is our best ally. They have weapons that would keep us & them safe if we need them. Plus they are God’s people & He will bless those that bless Israel.

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