How Many Denials Were There?

For something that isn’t happening, there sure seems to be a lot of shady effort being expended to defend it.

Concerning that government would collude in using terrorism measures for this.



Newly-released internal emails reveal that the National School Boards Association coordinated with the White House and the Department of Justice before sending President Biden the notorious letter that compared concerned parents to domestic terrorists. Emails provided to Fox News show that NSBA had coordinated with the White House for weeks beforehand.

IMO…the forces pushing this…including the WH…are declaring war on patriotic Americans that do not desire this change in the system that’s educating our children.


Winsome Sears correcting CNN.

“Well, let me back up. I beg to differ that CRT is not taught,” Sears pushed back immediately.

“I didn’t say that. I just said it’s not in the curriculum, just to be clear,” Bash clarified.

“No, no, no, no, it is part of the curriculum, it is weaved in and out of the curriculum,” Sears continued, arguing that while there might not be lesson plans titled “Critical Race Theory,” the principles had been woven into the standard curriculum over time. “In fact, in 2015, former governor, who was just defeated, McAuliffe, his state Board of Education had information on how to teach it, so it’s weaved in. So you know, it’s semantics, but it’s weaved in.”


She was the vice president of the Virginia Board of Education.

She might know.

College, Boston… but nice! Declare war!

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Same article

“They’ve apparently gotten tons of emails and texts and calls from people who have refused to work with me, if they have to work with me they will walk,” Kinnett explained.

Get this guy an all access pass to every school in the state.

Why do parents not have the authority over those teaching their children? I may be under some false impression but I believe the parents here where I live do?


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“Our curriculum is deeply using critical race theory especially in social studies, but you’ll find it in English language arts and the other disciplines,” said Superintendent Nikolai Vitti during a school board meeting Tuesday.

“Students need to understand the truth of history … understand the history of this country, to better understand who they are and about the injustices that have occurred in this country.”

In a subsequent academic committee meeting Monday afternoon, Vitti reiterated that the district embraces the basic tenets of CRT as part of its 2020 anti-racism resolution to reexamine district-wide policies and curriculum and encourage students and teachers to critically analyze dominant historical narratives and question institutions of power.

How much more plain can it get?

What? Just trying to radicalize little kids. Problem?

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There is a difference between using CRT and teaching CRT

I can can use a computer to send an email… that doesn’t mean I am teaching how e-mail (or a computer) works.

It’s not working. :eyes:

Do you understand the difference?

Teaching a theory is different than using a theory?

…says the guy who’s been wrong about most everything discussed here in Hannity Land. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

This is an interesting take…From a conspiracy theorist

But I’ll ask… is there a difference between using a thing… and teaching about the creation and origin of the thing?


LOL, desperate trying to avoid reality.

No, two distinct things.

Nobody in K-12 is teaching the theory of CRT. There are plenty of schools, companies, government institutions using specific tenets of CRT (and others outside of CRT) to drive their training, curriculum, policies etc.

There is a clear difference between the two. This is why there hasn’t been a single classroom lesson plan produced showing teaching curriculum on CRT for K-12.

It’s a lot harder to argue against, “being against racism… “ than it is the argue a much easier, scarier, more ambiguous term like CRT!!!

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