How Many Denials Were There?

It’s ironic that they removed To Kill A Mockingbird because of it’s focus on civil rights in 1960’s South. IIRC, the last scene of the book is during a black man’s trial for murder, and he is being falsely accused. Scout’s father is able to prove his innocence and teach a lesson to the judge. And about causing harm to innocent people and creatures. There’s another scene in the book that regards the significance of the title but it’s just as noteworthy.

This is invaluable to high schools, personally.

I think they focus mainly on socioeconomic status growing up, but then you have people like Ben Carson that blow that out of the water.

Winston in 1984 frustrated me. His character was gross. So I just stopped reading it midway.

I am with @toreyj01 I think Animal Farm is an excellent substitute. As well as Fahrenheit 451- the manipulation of the people into the destruction of free speech and press is something that is worth shining a light on.

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LOL teachers with “ethics” is becoming a rare breed.

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High School


Not CRT…

131k K12 schools… you have some work to do.


From your link.

"The idea of just sitting quiet and being told stuff and taking things in in a passive stance is not a thing that’s in many cultures.

How many of today’s cultures don’t have class rooms of students sitting quietly at their desk listening to teachers? Does he think they don’t have schools in Africa or something?

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  1. Woke

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