How low can they go?

If this is true, it’s a Dem’s admission of what Dems are trying to accomplish by holding up the stimulus package. Verminites!!

What a Jackass! Selfish bastard. Nobody cares about his freaking vision. People are suffering.

Per Hannity on radio right now, House Dems demand the bill include solar and wind energy tax credits, tougher carbon emission on airlines and much more along those lines. I suspect they probably also want illegal aliens to be given preference on ventilators, meds, etc. yechhh!

So Democrat’s vision isn’t allowed in the stimulus? Only big corp bonus GOP vision?

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Lets see how the GOP Senate reacts to the house bill

Link to the bill?

If true, these should be removed. Nobody gives a crap about those right now.

This is actually a good idea. We own them if they get our money. We should force them to be more efficient.

Stop this.

How dare you imply that…

Copy of bill as of 3 days ago. Most current? I don’t know.

Correct. It should be a direct response to the economic effect of the virus. We don’t need “visions” right now.

Trying to stop the serious bleeding here - not focused on facelifts right now.

Bad optics. Bad, bad optics…

What do you think the Senate bill is?

According to the Washington Post, these are the Dems complaints:

Democrats have argued that the bill is disproportionately tilted towards helping companies and needs to extend more benefits to families and health care providers, while Republicans have countered that the bill offers unprecedented financial assistance to the entire economy and needs to be passed before more people lose their jobs.


McConnell accused Democrats of holding up the sorely needed rescue package so they can try to add extraneous provisions sought by special interests and organized labor. Democrats have refused to support the key procedural vote that would have made it easier to pass the bill, with many complaining that the legislation did not include much transparency into which businesses could receive hundreds of billions of dollars in emergency loans.


Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) insisted he is continuing to negotiate in good faith with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and hopes to secure a deal as long as he can ensure worker protections are included, and that the fund for industries has appropriate controls.

“We have an obligation to get the details right, get them done quickly,” Schumer said. “That doesn’t mean blindly accepting a Republican-only bill.”


White House officials have acknowledged the unprecedented assistance the legislation would steer toward corporations, but they have said this money would help protect millions of jobs.

The legislation aims to flood the economy with money, from individuals to small businesses to large industries amid a wave of layoffs and a sharp contraction in consumer spending. It would direct $1,200 to most adults and $500 to most children. It would also create a $500 billion lending program for businesses, cities and states and another $350 billion to help small businesses meet payroll costs.

I’m going to stop right there…

Why do you say “if this is true?”

Because this is from Breitbart, and the headline uses the word “reportedly.”

As in someone made it up?

House Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) reportedly told Democrats on a conference call last week that the party should exploit the coronavirus stimulus: “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”

Of course you are.

The image after six months at 40% unemployment

A failure?

You betcha. I don’t care for fake news.

Pelosi out front of the House?

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