How long will Sarah last?

If you watched today’s WH press briefing it was pretty clear that the press corps have had it with Sarah baby.
Multiple times they called her out for the daily dose of lies that have become commonplace. And she really didn’t have an answer. Sure she said that she came there each day with the best information that she had in hand. And that went over like a lead balloon. Then she did something new and blamed the president for the information she was given. And she admitted what we all know, the lack of coordination with the WH staff and the communications department.
I wonder if she is finally getting tired of catching the blame for all of the misinformation and lies that she is forced to tell for the audience of one.

It will be interesting to watch.

Everyone who touches Trump walks away with their reputation in tatters. EVERY…ONE.

He’s the reverse Midas.

They all get Sadimized.


Would have loved to seen her face watching Hannity last night knowing she would have to answer for Rudy today.
Her days are numbered…can’t blame her.

Don’t know if I’m convinced Sanders would ever voluntarily step down. Unlike Spicer, who always had that deer in the headlights “Whoa, people, I’m just as shocked as you are by the crazy we’re seeing here, but I’ve still got a job to do, right?” Sanders has always conveyed herself in the same contemptuous, soulless, methodical manner. She may not believe the bull ■■■■ her boss spews out on an hourly basis, but she believes in her job.


In days past you entered the white house knowing that it would be a big boost to your career. I agree with you, not one person is leaving the white house in better shape. The only ones might be those that have already left and will get credit for being smart enough to see the writing on the wall.

No, they are all tainted with the stench of Trump.

I think Sarah is too stupid to know she should quit.

These videos are cringe worthy.

I’m not shedding a tear for Sarah. She’s known since day 1 the president is a pathilogical liar with the morals and ethics of a criminal. She chose to climb into his bed (figuratively).

She had a rough day…she isn’t going anywhere

Not many people can lie like her to cover for her boss’ lies. Unless she finds her soul, she’ll be with Trump 'til the bitter end.

I wonder if she is tired of dealing with the WH press idiots! She doesn’t have any answers to Trumps personal business which this payment and NDA with the porn star was and that’s not a crime.

If it was some kind of FEC violation its a 10 Grand fine, that’s it folks! The WH Press know this so are they just a box of rocks DUMB or is it intentional to incite and divide this country even more, I think its the later and it’s got to END! With all the Domestic and Foreign business that needs attention putting up with a room full of morons and that scum Mueller is not one of them.


She doesn’t have to answer questions that pertain to the president…then what is she there for? Her great smokey eye?

She’s ride or die, so I’m betting she is going to stick around until he’s impeached or voted out. I do believe once she’s done her career is pretty much done unless there are high paying jobs in lying.

“Stop asking questions about the porn star Donald banged and then paid to keep quiet, dividers!”

hey, our system could be like other countries (where you don’t dare question the president/ruler and some people die if they do). we’re lucky we have the system we do and that the press gets to ask pretty much anything they want.

and we get to post almost anything we want on the internet.

pretty cool, yes?

And she chose to parrot those lies.

Just WHAT was her career before being the WH Press Liar?

A few days ago you were probably a true believer that Stormy was making the whole thing up.

Wasn’t this the same poster who says they want media matters “shut down”?

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