How long will Sarah last?

With her upbringing, I’m surprised she lasted this long. If she was brought up by a “pastor”, then I think she’s got a hint of integrity. But of course what passes as todays Christianity is nothing like Jesus taught.

I think this administration is going to very painful for a lot of “Christians” to look back upon having defended it so rigorously.


Lots of people in this admin will have great book deals and jobs explaining the craziness that was the Trump presidency.

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And Donald will have enough NDA lawsuits to last years beyond his death.

They will certainly never be able to claim to be the party of family values anymore.

They are out to destroy Trump and run him out of office along with anyone associated with him.

Sarah I think though is tough enough to handle whatever they throw at her. If the way she was maligned at the White House Correspondents Dinner wasn’t enough to get her to throw in the towel wasn’t enough to run her her off I think she’ll be there for the duration.

Republican voters don’t care about any of that. Maybe they used to but look at the craven acceptance of Roy Moore and Joe Arpario and Donald Trump. These are the Republicans who represent the party right now.

Yeah only a super hero could stand up to the tame roasting she endured for like 5 minutes, you do realize that people take far worse for far longer at comedy roasts, right?

Tame? I’m glad I don’t hang out in your crowd.

Apparently you should be glad.

Read what you just typed. Read it slowly. Think about the words you typed and realize this is the President of the United States.

Why do you people keep blindly supporting him?

Yes they will. I’ve seen this story before.

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Trump’s doing a fine job of destroying those around him with his inability to tell the truth. Of course, it’s much easier to blame everyone else for everything.

And as far as Sarah being maligned… ■■■■■■■ boo hoo. Trump supporters lauded the end of political correctness when he won the nomination. He’s insulted and maligned everyone in his path. I don’t think anyone who supports trump or anyone in his circle gets to whine and bitch about stuff like this. Sorry… y’all lost your moral high ground.


Yeah, why in the world would Americans want to know about our leader lying and paying off XXX stars? That kind of stuff can’t tell us about his integrity or anything.


Snowflake alert!

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Democrats new litmus test ie character and lying about adultery is cute. I mean, hello.

Yes truly brutal, to say she lies a lot, has a smokey eye and kinda looks like she plays softball. I’ve really never seen such a heartless demolition of a person’s character and appearance.

The press is the problem here? The press forced Trump to lie about the payment? The press forced Trump to lie to Sanders about the payment?

Trump lied to Sanders and then Sanders repeated that lie to the press. But that’s where my sympathy for Sanders ends. No one is making her stand up there and be the spokesman for the piece of ■■■■ that currently lives in the White House.

She’s a perfect spokesperson for this administration. She walks out and lies daily just as easily as Trump does. For the daughter of a supposedly godly man she sure has no problem with deceit.

On another note I find it laughable at all the Republican Princesses in this thread who are still whining “witch hunt”. Here’s a tip for you ladies. If Trump wasn’t such a piece of ■■■■ there would be no cause for investigation. But just go ahead and keep powering up the shields for him.

Exactly. What did they think was going to happen when they elected someone with SUCH a questionable past and record? Like, did they think that was just all gonna go away?