How long until Biden takes credit?


Oh, same here.

Where is Fauci? Why is this woman talking?

Still way more than on Election Day 2020.


Perhaps if the Trumpers cared more then, we wouldn’t have 400,000+ Americans dead from this disease.


Who says that “lefties” are ignoring the death toll? The guy on the radio?

who’s ignoring it? I’m here telling you cases started dropping dramatically 2 weeks before Biden took office


Look at you quoting the previous death toll while ignoring the current one.


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and how would biden have stopped it?

And just what would have President"We Can’t change the trajectory" Biden been able to do to get the vaccine roll out quicker . . . or stop the spread sooner (remember he does NOT have authority to shut any business down).

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Are you saying the death toll isn’t 400,000+?

I asked what the death toll has been since the kid sniffer took office. Some triggered lefties have been on a rant about Trump ever since.


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I thought you were a wiz with websites, you’re telling me you don’t know how to do a quick search?

No, I’m pointing out the fact that you no longer know the daily death toll, and we all know why.



If you know me so well why dont you tell me?


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I accept your surrender. :wink:

Not been meanie.

how does it make sense? according to the “science” of fauci cases should have been surging since jan 8th. instead they’ve been falling. there was no christmas surge

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Sounds to me like you don’t “know why”

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