How long does it take to diagnose a heart attack?

In one of the threads it was suggested that it could take days to determine whether a person has had a heart attack. I don’t believe that is accurate. I believe that blood tests can be done much sooner to determine whether a person has had a heart outlined in this article below:

I will be interested to see if others agree with my comments either from personal experience or maybe from a medical profession standpoint.

I can take this one. I had an event just Saturday night where I thought I was having a heart attack. I went to the ER, and had confirmation within 90 minutes that it was a panic attack instead. They did confirm it through blood testing, also done in that 90 minute time frame.

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It takes at least 4 days and an open mind to accept that it is actually possible.


:rofl: I missed that thread but no if does not take days. Sheesh.

@Camp Are you seriously suggesting that at least 4 days is needed before a diagnosis of a heart attack can occur?

God bless. Hope you’re feeling better.

Almost immediately through blood tests.

You’ll know fast. Pretty sure troponin levels will be high after it’s recycled into you blood stream from the dead myocardium.

It’s bizarre to me that chemical tests can determine if a person is having a heart attack.

Any idea as to what was making you panic?

Looks like the bizarreness has been resolved.

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It’s a long story - but the condensed version is that my mother is starting to deal with a ton of aging related problems, and it all came to a head over the weekend. Doctors told me I was going to have to watch my stress levels, as I’m diabetic and have a history of high blood pressure. The combination of all this is not a good thing.

Best of luck getting through all of that.

I had a heart attack scare a year or so ago - intense chest pains - and I went to the ER, and they were able to tell me that I wasn’t having a heart attack as soon as they hooked me to an EKG.

Still ended up spending nearly 8 hours in the ER, though - and they still couldn’t definitively tell me what the problem was.

The next day, I felt fine. It only cost me $1,500 to learn nothing at all.

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My recommendation would be to treat yourself to an hour a day relaxing on a chair with eyes closed listening to some classical music. Here is a good starting point:

All the best.

In Australia that would have cost $0.00.

I know. You guys have the advantage, when it comes to healthcare.

But we’re ahead in the “encounters with deadly snakes” category, as well as the “encounters with deadly spiders” category, and the “encounters with an entirely different deadly snake” category.

Our wildlife is very much misunderstood. Also, we can be thankful to the Australian Labor Party for our universal health system as well as our National Disability Insurance Scheme.

its great that there was nothing to be found during your er visit. but emergency rooms will not do the in depth work up needed to completely rule out a cardiac event. True an ekg and troponin levels can determine if you are having a heart attack, but following up with your family physician will certainly determine if this is a true anxiety attack or not.

B.S. Medical care is not free in Australia, you just don’t see the bill.

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You have no idea; the cost would be $0.00.