How long can the minority rule

Now that I would pay to see.

Don’t want violence…stop promoting it.

Really? Where did he get it from?

Nobody wants violence. But if it happens, you think it’s justified. It’s not the violent people’s fault.

Something about bears.

within a few years, everyone is working. a few years later, the weak will be strong, lib men will regain their gonads, children will have fathers …and progressive liberalism will have nothing to offer of value anymore. And that will be that.

Overturning Roe vs Wade won’t 'ban abortion".

No one wants to abolish SSM.

Your fear mongering won’t work.

Nice try though.

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The hysteria level is off the charts.

What will they do if the big blue wave doesn’t happen?

“Wa… wa … what did you say? Impeach who?”

The Handmaids Tale is coming true libs. Be very worried, especially if you are a woman.

The remaining libs will sublimate their inner need to complain and their need to be a hero into very active protest against cheese. They might even go after cows. So… no promises.

Bingo! That’s the point that they refuse to acknowledge. :grin:

Could be worse for the libs. Mike pence could be POTUS

Polling data from California, New York and Massachusetts indicates…

Sssshhhh! What’s the matter with you?

I’m enjoying this.

The only thing keeping GOP in office are old white males who dont know how to turn on a computer

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I’ll be thinking of my own farm raise beef instead thanks.

I do enjoy watching you get all huffy when people treat you the way you treat others. Brings a smile to my face.

Have a nice day.

You couldn’t even get Proposition Homosexual Marriage passed on a vote in freaking California!

How do you figure you’re a majority nation-wide?


They think the nation is the Pacific and Atlantic coast’s. They forget about everything in between.

They will resort to 70’s era violence and then some no doubt.