How long can the minority rule

To get to the sheriff’s office.


Demographics are changing. Whether the youth will actually bother to vote and replace the bitter climbers, who are dying off, remains to be seen. If the do, it could spell trouble for the GOP.

Don’t be coy this early in the morning.

You make him sound heroic.

That’s the X factor. How far can Donald and his ilk go before the apathy of the youth transforms into something else.

I’m not. That’s where they were going when he was murdered. Then probably Piggly-Wiggly after.

I thought it already happened with Hogg?

You don’t think he was?

Go back further. What was the goal in taking over the HQ of a national wildlife refuge?

Misguided in his zeal, stupid in his application.

Get the fence blocking the water for their cows torn down.

Misguided how?

What application should he have used?

Would you have employed their tactics? Were they adequately prepared?

Those are sovereign cows who’s right to travel shall not be impeded.

They took it.

They held it.

They left on their own.

They got national attention.

Where are the Hammonds?

Keeping water from livestock is extreme animal cruelty.

Then their owner should have provided them with water.

if what you say is true, they can vote for legislators that will impeach the SCOTUS justices that-in your words - ban abortion.

your post makes little sense though since the president cannot ban abortion and yet you only talk about presidential election results. Have you graduated from high school? seriously… do they teach civics class where you live?

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Is that an attempt at whataboutism? Doesn’t that only work if you know your opponent’s position on the whatabout part?

He did.

Do you really not know what this is all about?