How Legal Weed Turned Thanksgiving Into a High Holiday

Drink tonight to kill off the germs, get stoned tomorrow with family and friends to keep the Kung Flu at bay. I love it. lol

Article is from last Thanksgiving, but I’m sure not much has changed, other than more people partaking without the tired out stigma.

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I don’t know why this is still an issue.


A few holdouts are to be expected, but it’s nice to see people talking about how stoned they’re gonna get after a rough day of work instead of how blackout drunk they’re gonna get.

It was also nice when we all ate some 25mg edibles before the big dinner last year. Might have to make that a tradition in this house while we still have 3 generations of adults in the family.

I’ve been to so many pot weddings and holiday parties that’s it’s as normal bringing a hot dish.

Just label the edibles correctly

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I wish there would be a better method to test for weed.

I can get blackout drunk if I want to and work the next day. I can’t take a hit or two, or an edible, without worrying about my job for the next few weeks.

Federal dot rules need to change in my opinion.


USADA tests UFC athletes for performance enhancing drugs. Anecdotally it seems nearly everyone in that sport likes pot for pain management or just because a lot of people like pot.

The problem is THC is banned in competition, and the testing that USADA was using was turning guys over as hot for pot they smoked weeks before the fight. That wasn’t meeting the intent of the rule, stopping guys competing high, and it was straight up ruining the competition pool.

They changed something in how they test a few years ago, couldn’t tell you what it was other than it was less sensitive to the long term storage of thc in the body. If you were about to get high and go fight, you’d get caught, but not if you smoked a joint before your last meal of your weight cut.

Seems to me the only reason why testing is a problem is because we’re relying on the same standards and tests and labs that we were when pot was still considered the devil.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission suspended Nick Diaz for 5 years for testing positive for THC. They spewed some BS about it numbing him from the pain of being punched and called it performance enhancing. lol

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You could lose a job in a hurry where i used to work. Lots of dangerous equipment and chemicals there.

I agreed with the rules 100 percent.

Yep, and while he was still serving that suspension, the testing changed, so you had champions openly getting stoned while nick was stuck fulfilling some old world vegas example punishment.

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No one should be stoned at your job then.

But if you drank a beer last month and spill some chemicals tomorrow, was it because you were drunk? Nope.

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During a pandemic!?

oh hell no.

We’re locked down from family thanksgiving here and no one can cook. So i picked 4lbs of this today:

I work with people who work with HHC. I say they should only be tested on how they show up at the gate for their shift.

Smoke the herb. destroy the Lung Pow. :wink:

Don’t know how the research turned out, but I feel great. lol


Yep. Only thing stopping it from being that way is the bureaucracy

Ya maybe so, I still haven’t gotten it. My traditional family thanksgiving is 1,100 miles north though and I voted against airport roulette.

Well, here’s hoping you have some company tomorrow. Just my personal preference, I don’t like hearing about people spending holidays alone.

Yep, something between family and cult. Made it this far.

Mooselabs mouthpiece and Iso alcohol.

Silicon mouth pieces that fits any pipe, bong or joint with carbon filter. They were invented to prevent getting herpes at large events but have been adapted (carbon filter) for smoking in a post covid world

Speaking of which, I just medicated with some pineapple express distillate and my daughter is challenging me to a game of Battleship. Cannabis sure does bring the family together at the end of a work day. lol


that thing makes me nervous.

No the new rule in 2020 is we all smoke together, on our own. I think everyone was still passing joints around because thats how they learned when it was sparse in high school. No more. Everybody gets some.