How Legal Weed Turned Thanksgiving Into a High Holiday

There will only be more legalization from here on out. It’s too lucrative at this point.

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You could lose your life quickly here working stoned or drunk.

The difference is I can get drunk the night before and be fine for work the next day, same with weed, but we can’t test properly for weed.

Well, they’re still doing “research.”


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They’re taking too long and this will not stand, man.

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If a person’s likes his job he should take that into consideration.

Not once Cannabis gets decriminalization or legalized on a federal level. Then companies will only be able terminate employees for having it actively in their system, not residual levels like the current tests allow them to do.

I do, I dont partake.

I dont think its right though.

Correct there is a time and place for everything.

At my work location. You could die quick if you aren’t 100% sober.