How is your sandwich heated at Subway?

A trivial question, but I’m curious.

For 8 years my local Subway has always done it the same way. I don’t want my bread toasted. If I want the meat heated, whatever it is, they put it in a little cardboard container and heat it up and then put it in the sandwich.

There was a new girl at my Subway today. I told her to heat up the bacon for a BLT. She put the bacon on the bread and started to put it in the oven. I said I didn’t want it toasted (She’d asked that question earlier and I’ said no). She said sarcastically, “Im just going to heat it up, is that okay?”

I just stared her down for a few seconds. I wanted to point out to her that she was doing something that had never been done in my 8 years of going there, but I’d been in a bad mood to start with and her attitude hadn’t made it any better. If I talk when I’m in that state I lose my temper, so I didn’t say anything.

So I’m just curious. If you go to Subway, have you ever gone to a Subway where they heat up the meat you order, and the bread, (but don’t toast the bread) when you say you want the meat heated?

You should have asked to speak with the manager…

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I rarely do that.

She actually had an attitude throughout my order, which I didn’t appreciate… but the way I fgure it…she works for minimum wage at a fast food restaurant - that’s punishment enough.

If I hadn’t been in a bad mood to begin with I would have just told her that for 8 years no one at that Subway had ever done that before, but I just wasn’t in the mood to deal with it.


Sounds like she wasn’t in the mood to deal with it either. :wink:

Duh, duh duh Duh, duh Duh, duh duh, Duh, duh…

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Power: When you stare down a new, slightly better than minimum wage employee over bacon in a cardboard container.

Toxic libism.

The well placed box of honeycombs isn’t lost on me.


Good Lord.



I would have just asked her to put the bacon in the box. Please.

Of course, I stopped eating Subway when Jared got skinny.

And then Pedo-Jared confirmed your good decision.

Deal with what?

The point is not what she did.

The point is, does any other Subway do that? I’m just trying to find out if my Subway is unique in the way they handle that.

A trivial question, as I’d said, but It’d be nice if someone answered the actual question.

You need to work on you reading comprehension.

I thought the woman was going to toast bread that I did not want toasted. I thought she hadn’t heard me. I tried to stop her from making a mistake.

You may have just let her toast your bread and make it inedible because you are a wimp, but I am made of sterner stuff.

So I repeated, in case she hadn’t heard me, “I don’t want it toasted.”

Her reaction was sarcastic and out of line. Am I supposed to encourage that behavior by ignoring it? Maybe now she won’t be quite so rude to other customers, but I doubt it.

But if someone in customer service is rude or sarcastic too you for no reason, you don’t react at all? Good to know.

Oh hell no. I beat hell out of them. I can’t stand rude behavior in minimum wage employees, especially new hires.

And then I demand to speak to the manager and destroy him/her too.


I read faster than you think with 99% comprehension.

I’d have shot her in the leg. Bet she’ll listen next time. ■■■■■■■ serfs.

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When I told her not to toast my bread, she defiantly raised her Pepsi cup and said “Here’s to you, bread!”


There used to be a place in town named Leta’s Diner.
Leta would throw anyone out who deviated, at all, from the standard.

‘Hamburger- mustard and mayonnaise both, please’
’ What? You get out of here!’

‘Raspberry tea, please’
‘Huh, get your butt outta here’

That Subway girl needs Leta as a role model.

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I do that plus trying to cause as little trouble as possible Because I’ve been there and I know that customers are scum.