How is the one horse dog faced pony soldier working out

I am really confused. He talks with people who are dead, goofs up on who is president of egypt, doesn’t know when his eldest son passed away, does not know where he left classified docs for the past 50 years. And his son, hunter is the smartest person he ever met. Man this list keeps growing


Oh you. J’Biden is a kind hearted elderly gentleman with a bad memory doncha know. :rofl:


Lets talk about this. I would like to expand my op.

The One Horse Dog Face Pony Soldier should retire at the end of this term. His decline is very obvious. He has been a goof ball for many years.

His handlers are probabably guilty of elder abuse.


Biden is a perfect democrat… Can’t remember current events.


Back in 2020, it was obvious Brandon was suffering from mental deterioration but it was denied by the Russian collusion, Mueller delusion, BLM illusional Brandonites. How many times to people have to be wrong, before they just apologize to their fellow Americans that have had to suffer for their continuous mistakes?


I agree, and Trump is in a similar position today.

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Really? Can you provide a video depicting what you’ve concluded? I can share many videos that support what I said.

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The silly childish names you use do a disservice to your posts.

Sure. Remember when Trump thought Nikki Haley was Nancy Pelosi? When he thought Obama was still president? When he said, “We are an institute in a powerful death penalty,” and a bunch of other dumb stuff? I can keep going.

But you don’t have to show me anything, I said I agreed with you about Biden.


Dude doesn’t even know how his ex wife looked like.

Well he’s here talking about how the Revolutionary army took over the airports.

America deserves better than either of these old men who are both showing signs of cognitive decline.

Dont care whether its Republican or Democrat but can you imagine having a youthful president in their late 30s, early 40s. What a difference they would make.


He still is.

Who do you think is running the circus.

Barry and Susan


Thinks he beat obama in an election.

Trump is the same! Worse!

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I prefer late 40s early 50s. I feel like that’s a better combination of experience and energy for a job that will literally suck the life out of them. Just look at how presidencies have aged them. Trump and Biden are outliers because they were already at death’s door.

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The “But Trump!” arglebargle is coming in HOT!


I remember when he said the name Nikki when he was referring to Nancy…is that it? So your interpretation is that he “thought” this about that? IMO…you’re still applying the Russian collusion level of discernment my friend but…carry on.

Ahhhhhhhhhh…so it’s due to a picture he described as so “blurry” he couldn’t see who it was? K. Now have you got the picture so that we both can evaluate what he concluded or is this the best you’ve got?

That settles it. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass: