How is the one horse dog faced pony soldier working out

We deserve better than the corrupt establishment in DC but no one will address it, expose it, call it out and attempt to crush it…like Trump did in the past. If he can do it again and I see no reason why he won’t, it will move this country in the right direction.

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Oh…and who is that on the right? It’s not his wife, is it?

Yup I agree it’s not. So why did he say it was?

You almost have it

Oh…that isn’t Ivana?

Dude…get a grip and try to come out from under your TDS!


You asked for similar things that Biden has done. That was one of them. Don’t ask for something and then dismiss it.

…and what you posted isn’t even close. In fact, it isn’t even close to how wrong you’ve been about so much now…for years. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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No, that’s not it. I included several examples that you ignored, and I said I could provide more. But I know nothing, literally nothing, will get through to you.


Did he say that’s ivana or did he say

“That’s Marla,” he stated. “That’s my wife.”

Oh, I read here today that it’s actually Hunter who’s in charge. :smile:

You were wrong that his wife wasn’t in the picture, even after seeing it close up and clear. Now I’m supposed to believe that you chose the right picture? You don’t have that much credibility and our exchange just proved that again.

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“Leave Trump alone!” :sob:

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I was wrong? Marla was not in the picture at all. He identified a woman twice as Marla ,and at no point did he identify Ivana.

He specifically pointed to the left of the picture and identified the woman as Marla.

Uhm, I’ve won three pizza bets from you. That I really like to think you gave to that homeless shelter you claim to have. You thought the Republicans were going to pick up seats in 2018. They lost 41. You thought Biden wouldn’t debate Trump. And you thought Hillary was going to end up with the nomination in 2020. Those are three specific bets you made with me. Who’s wrong? The debate and nomination one don’t bother me. Whatever. But you actually thought in 2018 that the Republicans would pick up seats? I mean what kind of bubble do you have to live in to believe that? Talk about sheopled.

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What ever dude but the truth is, you posted a picture and were ignorant that the one of the right was his wife. Applying that level of accuracy, I don’t believe you are even capable of posting the correct picture.


Nice make believe world you live in. Enjoy. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Do you honestly not remember? I can post them.

Well we are not living in the 40s and 50s. Wake up, not woke up.

Hello, welcome to realty

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Oh memories. :slight_smile: You actually don’t remember this do you? So that pizza never went the homeless shelter. Damn.

At what point did you prove I didn’t know who the lady on the right is. You can’t even admit what is on the video and the audio. Did I ever say "that’s not Ivana? Had you says "is that his ex wife ? Then I would have agreed. Remember when this deposition was taken ? Was he married to Ivana or Melania then?