How is reducing the number of people that ICE can house a good idea?

How on Earth is this supposed to help? Any ideas?

It’s just another lib step towards “open borders”…while they verbally deny this truth?

They said why they wanted to do this…so Trump would prioritize going after dangerous illegals for deportation as opposed to a generalized roundup.

They didn’t get this cap, however, so why are you getting outraged about it?

This. It was all over many news channels.

because dentition centers are over-crowded and are only built to house so many people.

Yep…the liberal MSM attempting to spin the truth into their lib lies.

over-crowding has nothing to do with open borders.

Or, you know, what they actually said.

Yeah…I know, eh?

“They” said that a BBC reporter was violently attacked too. Tell me what hospital this journalist went to.

Its a safety/health issue. want to detain more people? build facilities.

You can watch the video of him getting attacked.

No…I’d rather build a wall that’s supported with technology and not need these facilities.

How many stitches required from this vicious attack? How about just one drop of blood…from this MSM reported VICIOUS attatck?

Or, no “lib lies” and just reporting the truth.

Read your post and ponder upon how very weird it is. It takes a strange mindset to think like that.


It was the exact reasoning given by the Congresspeople pushing for the limits.

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You seem really defensive about this event that doesn’t involve you.


I’m simply seeking the truth from a den of lies.

Exactly correct. Pizza delivery guys who deliver pizza to army base should NOT have priority over criminals.


If it was reported to you that an attack took place and it was VICIOUS…would someone have gotten hurt? Would there be a knife, a club, a gun or a beating with fists? There’d at least be one, single drop of blood…somewhere? Remember…this is being reported all over the MSM as a vicious attack now…was it or was that a lie?