How immigration can have a negative economic impact on a community

When it comes to discussions on the topic of immigration many here typically argue that the result are always positive, one of the points being that they require less public spending than natives . But when you look at LA school district, you have over sized classes and 82% of students receiving free or reduced price lunch:

Based on the research I did LA is one of the most densely populated immigrant communities in the US, about 35% of its residents are immigrants, and has the second largest illegal immigrant population. Although for the public school population “ immigrant-headed households comprise 58 percent of public-school students in Los Angeles County ”. Furthermore of “ students in poverty, 70 percent are from immigrant households — 28 percent from illegal households and 42 percent from legal households ”.

I don’t know about you but that sure sounds like a lot of public spending to me?

Which means that 72% AREN’T from illegal households.

First point is that I am not just talking about illegal immigration: 42% are from legal immigrant households. Which gives the total of 70% (28 + 42). Second, do you think that it is good for the middle class tax paying homeowners that the schools in their community have a population of 30% illegal immigrants?

A career in Mexico.

Are you saying Mexicans are drug dealers? Come on man.

We have cartels in the US?

Yep. 28% from illegal households and 42% from legal immigrant households. Which begs the question what kind of criteria are we using for legal immigration?

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So you think classes are over sized because of illegals?

They are part of Mexican cartels.

Classes would be 24% smaller without them…

Sooooo, that’s a yes.

If you watch your local news reports, you find out that the Mexican and Columbian Cartels have branches here. Who else do you think they are shipping their drugs to. They’re not just going to drop ship them to any warm body that sends in an order.

You might be right. Hey, I thought y’all said 90% of drugs came through points of entry?

57M? Sounds like a crisis to me.

Colombian cartels? What on earth? I think you’re mistaken.

Nobody said the cartels don’t use points of entry. Silly boy.

You aren’t paying attention. I haven’t been a boy since before you were born.

If at the aggregate level they are a net positive, then I would encourage local intervention at the lower levels that are problem areas. That would be my pragmatic approach.

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Probably the Diversity Green Card Visa Lottery, where winners are picked on the same basis as the church bingo game.

I found some of these statistics interesting and ironic, like who is more likely to have a job & who is more likely to be growing up in poverty.

My question was how is that good for the middle class homeowner/taxpayer? Let me see, crowded schools, lower property value and higher taxes. Yeah those politicians are really fighting for the middle class.

Isn’t educating poor people, who couldn’t otherwise afford an education, kind of one of the main points of public education? You know, because the alternative is just a ■■■■ ton of uneducated poor people?

The man in your avatar (Krugman) wrote a factual column for the NYT’s in 2006 on how immigration hurts wages of Americans. Of course he has since modified his stance since the left has taken a different view on illegal immigration in the past eight years.