How Has "the resistance" Helped Our Country During trump's Presidency?

With all of the whining, daily poutrage, foot-stomping, relentless lies and distortions, hoaxes, witch hunts, sympathy for enemies, hatred and derangement…what has any of that done to help our country??

dimocrats have constantly complained of “the dictator presidency”, but have not attempted to help in any way, and make public shaming of anyone associated with the president a top priority.

“the resistance” used their media resistance members to shame the president’s economic council members to abandon him after the Charlottesville hoax. They blocked several presidential appointees from being seated and then went on to complain about the vacancies. They’ve attempted to block him at every turn with one lawsuit after another.

So, how has the resistance helped the U.S.A.??

Our job is to make him a one term president.


Remember that day when Trump wore a tan suit and ordered Dijon for his hamburger and put his feet on the desk?

Suck it up, buttercup.


Remember the days when your posts would actually pertain to the subject of the thread?

No? Me either.

Why haven’t we seen his college transcript?


I’m not sure he’s even a citizen. I’ve never seen his birth certificate.


why are you whining about dimocrats.

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He’s like Neville Chamberlain, traveling the world appeasing dictators. Weak!

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It hasn’t helped at all because that’s not the purpose of the Democrats these days, they do everything they can to destroy the country, subvert the Constitution and insult and demean the deplorable s, meaning those that don’t vote for them and they have a powerful partner in their treason… the MSM.

All they care about is divide and conquer, it’s seditious and treasonous behavior and although many of the gullible suffer from TDS since the hate-Trump masterminds have brainwashed them to believe that the Democrats are their only savior from the evil Trump and by extension the over 63 million evil citizens who voted for him.

No one person can clean the DC Swamp, the voters have to do it and they better wise up in the 2020 election. IMO


I’ve said from the start that you all should keep it up with the tantrum. Call him anything you want. Just don’t complain when people call *bama/hillary, etc… anything we want.

I’m just wondering what benefit it has been to our country?

some say Trump sent Meghan markle to ruin the Royal Family

It’s a worthy question. The CEC pushed its “revolution” for 8 years during Obama - and it resulted in Donald and consequently the complete destruction of conservative credibility on everything they once held as sacrosanct. Democrats might want to learn from that.


Remember that time he wore some jeans and threw a baseball?

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I find exposing the levels that D leadership and the intelligence agancies will go to to subvert the will of the vote is worth knowing.

The voters have the power to check the abuse.

I am not confident that this will happen. I do find this to be the silver lining.




What a ■■■■■ that guy was.

It’s a wonder trump didn’t grab him.

What have libs done for our country during Trump presidency? They expose just who and what they are…something that I always known but they were afraid to admit. :wink:

We won’t know until November.

It’s sealed.

With whom? Libs?