How elitist snobs in democrat party created Bernie Sanders

After decades tearing down what our father and father before them built, failures of teaching kids those benefits that capitalism that brought to our society, by lifting millions out of poverty.

You brain washed the youth of this country through teacher unions to be ashamed of a system that propelled people to new heights in which the world never seen.

You taught them that collectivism is good while you enjoy the fruits of your own individualism…and for what? Power? Political prestige?

Seems to me lib elites created something that they lost control over.

Just like republicans created Trump…you so-called liberals created Bernie.

You should have stuck with your liberal ideologue. Because Bernie will use that power your created against you…unless you flee the country with your wealth which I’m sure you will.

Who wants to stick around in the house they set fire too.


My favorite part.


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Democrats know better than libs who needs to the the nominee. It will be whoever they choose. Libs will simply vote for who they’re told.


The John Birch is strong with this one.

I mean I guess we could go into a discussion about how much wealth is hidden through the practice of global offshoring of money… but no one seems to care about that.

elitist snobs? nah, Bernie is being faithful to his master Khrushchev…

Funny the European politicians seem to wanting to get away from the socialist stigmatism and a portion of our society is wanting to dive in. Danish PM to Sanders “Quit calling Denmark a socialist country we are capitalist”.

Johan Hassel international secretary of the leading party social democrats of Sweden after visiting Iowa Democrats preferred what Buttigieg had to say over Sanders. After seeing a Sanders rally.

“It was a mixture of very young people and old Marxists, who think they were right all along. There were no ordinary people there, simply."

There are 775 establishment Dems who will not let Bernie happen…period.

The is definitely a meltdown on the left which I find extremely funny since they were the ones that created this situation.

Think they will figure it out?

The leaders’ sanity can be questioned, the agendas are scattered and it’s imploding from with in. Nope. I don’t.

Take MSNBC for example. They’re in total freak out mode.

What did they expect considering their part they played in this over the last couple decades? They created him. From our schools to media…it’s been one big drumbeat from em and now they’re surprised?


Always fascinating watching @conan rail on elitist snobs while at the same time supporting Trump. Because, yeah, he’s totally just like the rest of us.

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Then you have down ballots that Bernie is going to effect. I wonder just how much money lib elites is going to donate knowing they need congress/senate to damper Bernie presidency.

I think fund rising is going to be severally limited for them. They are already being underfunded.

Will Bernie supporters enthusiasm be enough to keep the house and retake the senate? I doubt it, but I don’t see the elitist snobs taking any chances.

So us dem’s have the power to create a person from thin air. COOL!

Just found this in Seattle times.

“I can tell you that there are a lot of down-ballot jitters based on my conversations with my former colleagues,” said former Rep. Steve Israel, D-N.Y., a longtime confidant of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who led congressional election efforts from 2011 to 2015.

Seems to me they’re just realizing those dangers.

All those years that democrats been seeding dissident among their sheep they are now coming back and biting on the asses.

Seriously…you can’t make this ■■■■ up.

The down ballot effect will be very interesting if it happens. This is the path the left has been going for awhile now at warp speed, now is as good as any for them to see if they have the numbers to elect a communist I think they do.

IMO they…meaning the elites thought they could control em.

Now they’re pleading for a moderate.

Please, Democrats, find a practical, moderate candidate for president to help those of us in the center of the American political spectrum oust President Trump and his mindless supporters in Congress from power in November.

Well libs I got news for you…Trump is that moderate. You just failed to recognize that because you allowed your hatred get in your way after your defeat back in Nov 2016.

More silly comments

The country needs a return to sanity, not an extremist from the idealistic far left to defeat Trump, the extremist reactionary on the far right.

Trump? Extremist reactionary of far right?

It’s your political compass that’s screwed up to think that such truth to that.

And thus why Bernie and company is now your party leader.

Hey libs…remember that realignment I talked about 4 years ago.

You all laugh and ridiculed me…guess who’s laughing now.

Silly libs…no foresight at all.