How Does Disney World Open?

Biggest Challenge to open has to be at Disney World.

Amusements, Restaurant, hotels, timeshares, mass transit…They have it all.

Opening at a limited capacity will be tough.

The only hope may be that summer does mitigate the virus which appears unlikely.

If you own a Disney Vacation Club timeshare you are out of luck for quite some time.

I fear they are going to take a hit for quite some time.

This is a tough one to open back up.

Maybe when restaurants open they can look at food and a handful of safe distance attractions.

The que lines are bad under any circumstance.

Hand out a bible and a confederate flag lapel pin to everyone. Sure safety

Not cool.

Imagine you are Eisner…How do you open any of it with mitigation protocols?

If I was Eisner, I’d be very glad that I haven’t worked for Disney in 15 years.


I knew he was out.

Not 15 years…Wow.

So how does Mickey work his magic?

Is Iger in charge or is he gone too?

Eisner would have a plan.

Iger stepped down as CEO in February, but they brought him back earlier this month to get them through the COVID situation, on a temporary basis.

The guy in charge of the parks is/will be the new CEO.

They have a big task.

You’re not kidding - particularly since all their big upcoming movies are shut down as well - and ones that are done, they’re holding on to until theaters re-open.

They just bought out FOX, too.

No problem. They’ve been gouging loyal fans for decades. Let em suck it up for a while. The mouse might have to eat some cheese.

They could always sell ABC if things get too tight.

If it were me I would try and get the resorts and eateries up first.

Might be enough activity to get some guests in.

Give it a month and then try one of the parks. Epcot would be a good candidate. Set up some attractions with crowd mitigation and strictly control how many enter.

Ever couple weeks begin expanding depending on CV19 case feedback.

They could easily convert fast pass technology they use to require no more lines for rides. Appt only. 6 feet back for all lines form the next person. Every other cart, or bench, (whatever you call it) stays empty.
All operators wear mask. People required to wear masks. Restaurants remove half the tables. Capacity is reduced by 50%.
Because of the technology and staff Disney is better off. Re-opening Airports, malls, food courts, sports, concerts, thats the stuff that is going to take a beating.

Snow White in a mask kinda ruins it for me. :cry:
And how the hell to you eat those giant turkey sticks with a mask?

Those are some good suggestions.

Will be interesting to see what they are able to do.

I don’t have all the answers. Im too busy trying to figure out how to open all my restaurants.
But if Disney wants to hire me, i’ll be happy to sit down with them! :slight_smile:

It will be a challenge at Disney, I still think the worst will be the indoor sporting events and concerts.

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What do you need to know? I think people have already been given guidelines. Open up and let customers and staff decide how much protection they want. The six foot rule will be dead. You can’t have a server taking an order from six feet away. Personally I will go back to my exact same behavior. Nothing has changed. Viruses have been around forever. I’m not living in fear of an underperforming bug.

I disagree in letting customers and staff decide on what social distancing they want. This type of attitude while there is no vaccine will just ensure transmissions continue.

I am all for personal freedoms but this virus theeatens everyone.

Yes protestors have a right to protest but if that results in innocents becoming infected and continues the cycle of Transmissions.

Then who decides? I won’t be wearing a mask. How the hell do you eat at a restaurant with a mask? I’m going back to my normal life. You can do as you choose.