How do you impeach a president for increasing military aid?

So you’re just making up stuff.

Lets say Trump did say we need you yo investigate what happen with their investigation and other corruption…what laws did Trump break?

And please don’t post imaginary laws that don’t exist. Seems as of late libs been making up laws while ignore actual laws.

Abuse of power does not need to break any laws to be impeachable…

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I made absolutely nothing up.

I stated a timeline.

Supposedly Trump held up the aid because he was worried about “corruption”, was worried about Europe not doing his fair share, and wanted news on the imaginary Crowdstrike server. We have this from Mulvaney.

Nothing changed with these factors by September 11…the only thing that changed from the moment the aid was frozen to when it was unfrozen…is that news of Trump’s call and dealings with the Ukraine had leaked out.

Then suddenly the aid package was released.

Which of these is not true?

So asking about looking into possible corruption is now abuse of power?

Is that what you’re tellin me lib?

You can stop the act… Nobody believes the request was about corruption…


You’re speculating?

And even if he did…is it not part of Trump job to ask question about possible corruption before releasing funds?

“There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great,” Trump said. “Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it … It sounds horrible to me.”

I’m commenting, not speculating.

Lotta Biden talk. Zero corruption talk and corruption is actually an enormous issue in Ukraine.

Really the biggest hole in this Donald Trump, Fighter of Corruption narrative is that it presupposes Donald Trump would know enough about the internal affairs of Ukraine to know they have a big corruption problem. Does that really sound believable?

You guys got nothing.

Since I’m not involved in the proceedings, this is rather self-evident.

If I had something, the House probably would have called me to testify…:rofl:

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Months? Good God. It will take months to explain a two minute phone call? Typical Washington foot dragging. Ugh!

It’s going to take that long to get the courts to ORDER the administration to stop obstructing justice… This would be much faster if the administration would honor the houses subpoenas…

They weren’t talking about Biden’s birthday. Why else would the AG be involved

My point is that it was entirely about finding dirt on the Bidens, not corruption, as testified to by the fact he never even brings up systemic corruption.

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Maybe the next impeachment should be for obstruction of justice………Again.:laughing:

Bummer, man. Might be more at play here than just the phone call.

Probably be a hard time for Trumpists the next few weeks or months.

I recommend screaming about the process or sliming the witnesses if the facts are damning.

This one will have obstruction of justice as one of the articles…

Was this before or after his quid pro quo.

Btw. Congress appropriates funds, not the president.