How do you impeach a president for increasing military aid?

Shifty claims that The President withheld military aid to Ukraine in exchange for an investigation of Biden corruption. The exact opposite actually happened. Neither of the two conditions occured. Military aid was increased. And The Biden investigation never happened. They got the weapons that Obama would not let them have. So are they impeaching him on the theory of what they think Trump wanted rather than the actual facts? Good God, they should just vote on this goofiness and send it to the Senate. Be done with it. The only reason they are impeaching for this, is that they have no real crime to impeach him for. Since the facts are not even close to the accusations, the dems will probably have to find something else. Maybe, the old stand by of obstruction……….Again?

The aid package was released Sep 11…two days after the news of the phone call started leaking out, and without any reviews being done or substantial changes occurring to the factors that supposedly were the basis of such aid being held up in the first place.

No- it just suddenly was released to the Ukraine.

Hmm…one wonders what might have happened had the news of the phone call not leaked out…


I’m not guilty of attempted robbery because i never got into the bank, even though i tried


Mulvaney flat out stated the investigations were preconditions of the aid package.

But we should ignore that because they released the aid anyway…after news of what they were trying to do initially leaked out.


Show me the quote where the President demands anything in exchange for aid. Zelensky doesn’t believe it was. Does his opinion count? This is all you need for impeachment? Hearsay? A theory of what they think the President actually meant? That’s it? That’s enough? The democrats have already made up their minds. They should vote, send it to the Senate and move on to the next “scandal.”

Mulvaney flat out said these were preconditions and it “happens all the time in foreign policy” so we should just “get over it”.

Interesting how Mulvaney isn’t coming to testify…


Show me the quote. What does he claim the President said?

No. Why would he publicly state the president of his most powerful ally engaged in a quid pro quo? How stupid do you think he is?

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We have a MEMO of the President requesting a favor and we have his chief of staff on tape saying aid was held looking for Ukraine to investigate crowdstrike

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Might have happen? Is that lib news standard now?

I’d like you to do us a favor though.

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I’ve always heard that mites are on a chicken’s ass.

“Did he also mention to me in passing the corruption related to the DNC server? Absolutely. No question about that. But that’s it, and that’s why we held up the money”

That’s just one quote. Do you want more?

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But it is pretty obvious that, since none of the supposed “concerns” that caused Trump to hold up the aid in the first place had been addressed when the aid was finally released, and indeed the ONLY substantive thing that had happened was that news of Trump’s call had leaked out, the release of said in no ways exonerates the President.

Which is what Jim Jordan tried to do with it…and indeed what the new CEC talking points seem to be.

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So the alleged victim gets no say? One of the most un American things I’ve ever heard.

Here’s what we know. The dems have made up their minds. The republicans have made up their minds. Impeachment will happen. Anything else is just for show. The five democratic controlled networks will not allow any of the republican points to make it to their programming. They need to stop wasting time, vote and send it to the Senate.

Welcome to dimocracy.

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No. It’s a question of credibility. You know…like how you question the credibility of the whistleblower and all the state department staff saying quid pro quo attempt

What are you afraid of? We have a couple more months of hearings… Don’t you want to hear it all?

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The transcript is clear as day.

Actually would anyone like to point out anywhere in this sanitized memo Trump brings up corruption?