How do yo explain fox news and conservative hypocrisy on north korea

There is a big difference between 2 years to end a war and 70 years of war and a 30 year old nuke program but maybe not for brain damaged liberals. :roll_eyes:

You can’t just call the local HAZMAT crew to denuke an entire weapons system for crying out loud, its a process that takes some time so find something else to Trump complain about.

Yea, I found it very hypocritical.

  1. Not a liberal. I’m a principled conservative that did not sell out my beliefs and ideology for some two-bit conman. I know that is hard for brain damaged Trumpists to comprehend.

  2. If it is a process that takes time, then why are we hoping that they will just begin the process by January of 2021? Wouldn’t the expectation be that the process starts today, and then hopefully by then the process will have been completed?

That’s funny stuff.

And I’m going to bet dollars to dog nuts that they are not getting rid of their nukes. So I hope that Trump is already working on his excuse. This whole thing might come back to bite him in the butt big time.

History is on your side here. Nukes are all that got them a seat at the table with the US. Why would they give them up now? I hope they do, but color me skeptical.

Can you explain why “starting” the process will take 2 years?

Yes, that is what Trump is known for, taking personal accountability.

I’ve never, in 42 years, voted for a Republican. Not even for dog catcher.

No, you just attempt to explain all the other channels…like how Fox does

I genuinely curious about your credentials to opine on the subject of “denuking” (Who came up with such a stupid term?) an entire weapons system. What does the process look like in general for all us not in the know about such things?

Obama was a Democrat and Trump is a Republican. It’s not rocket surgery. They’re totally open about it.

There’s still a chance that Trump will have done something to make any diplomatic agreement more pallet-able to Democrats. Depends on how this cashes out.

I don’t trust the NORKS. I don’t trust the ChiComs. I’ve been quite upfront that I think it possible, knowing she had failing health and therefore limited time to make a big score, that Trump may be benefitting from parts of something Hillary may have prearranged … only the ChiComs probably aren’t gonna get what they wanted (probably surrounding that fake island of theirs in the SCS) but then again they won’t have to finagle moolah to the Clinton Foundation this way.

I can imagine the actual conversation a billionaire from Queens who cut his teeth dealing with entrenched special interest, likely including the mob through various union interactions, might have started, not the one we’ve been told about but the one that really could get Kim’s attention.

“You know, if you play ball not only will you and you family probably stay in power but you’re likely to end up so rich on land and manufacturing deals you’ll make me look like the working poor.” is how it might start out.

What is Kim being asked to give up verses what he’s gonna personally gain?

Even the Kim loves his people comment can be filtered through this possibility.

Meanwhile, over on YachtWorld there’s a 500’ superyacht someone wants a third billion for … I wonder if it’ll end up flying the NK flag before long?

Unless Kim suddenly becomes suicidal, he ain’t giving them up.

As I said before…

If Obama built a mansion, Trump could demolish it and erect a cardboard box and his supporters would say “finally, a real home”.



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Fox News pundits give their audience what they want, which currently is Trump cheer leading. Prior to Trump, it was Obama bashing they wanted. This is what they tune in to see, they do not demand consistency or high journalistic standards.

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It is a sickness many Right Wingers came down with once Donny tossed his orange hair into the presidential race.

It manifests itself in making the infected completely forget how they railed for over 8 years about every little thing Barack Obama did or said that they thought was just the most horrible thing ever that a president might do.

This infectious amnesia makes the afflicted able to cheer and clap and praise Donald Trump for doing the same things, or even worse things, than that evil “Kenyan usurper” aka Obama did as a candidate and as president.

I first recognized the illness onset in August of 2015 as I watched uber Obama opponent Right Wingers begin to come under the Orange ones spell.

Wait a second. So conservatives were wrong a few years ago when they criticized Obama for saying he would meet with Kim with no preconditions? After all, maybe Obama wanted to stop the buck then, just like Trump today. Please explain.