How do yo explain fox news and conservative hypocrisy on north korea

there are a multitude of video ripping into obama for talking about meeting with north korea. most of them from fox news

now suddenly trump does it and fox treats it as the greatest diplomatic coup in decades…

how do cons explain about this blatant hypocrisy other than it being a D vs an R??? its a prime example of the right putting party before country

Simple. Obama is bad and wrong. Trump is good and right.


There is one with our host making the rounds…its amusing

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ive seen it…

There is still a massive division between the news side and the opinion side. As Shep Smith says…

"A clear reading of the facts indicates the president made concessions in return for nothing concrete."

Dotard J Trump, Conceder in Chief

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They’re Republican hacks. Explained.


I saw a Trump supporter last night on CNN. His spin was that past POTUS had the time to kick the can down the road. But now time was running out and Trump had to be the hero.

The same reason that similar economic numbers went from bing terrible and “cooked” to being praised by right wing pundits.

Hacks, all of them.

money, money, money, moneeeeey

I don’t attempt to explain Fox. They are their own entity.

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Of course not-you’d have to admit your own hypocrisy when admitting Fox’s, and that will never happen.

Sound strangely similar to “I never supported Bush, he was a RINO” years after he left office.

That’s something I don’t often hear. What I do hear though are Hillaryites saying they never voted for her…ain’t that rite…Hillaryite.

Well the Korean war has been going on for about 7 decades, (for you libs that’s about 70 years) so the whole damned world, and especially the United Nations which includes the USA has been kicking that can down the road for a very long time! It’s certainly not just Obama’s fault as there are plenty of US Presidents who did the same as he did but Obama can certainly share that blame and shame with prior Presidents.

Trump is taking the “buck stops here” position of Harry S. Truman who may just be the last good Democrat President.

Okay, that made me chuckle. :joy:

No one is hiding whether they voted for Hillary and against Trump…

But then reality seems to matter little these days for those in their bubbles.

They are wanting to see the Kim regime hopefully begin to make progress towards some sort of undefined disarmament steps before the end of Trump’s term in January of 2021. Sounds like some more can-kicking to me.

Maybe on this board, which doesn’t seem to have even a few Hillary voters. But, I’m a very proud Hillary voter (as are most people I know.) I even voted for her in the 2008 primary.

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:raising_hand_man: Hillary voter. I’ve yet to come across a Hillary supporter that has said they never voted for her.


Hey, me neither. Voted for Obama twice, too. For some reason, I don’t feel the need to burn my uniform, claim to be an independent, or cravenly and mendaciously dress up and pretend that I am part of some unrelated and unaccountable ■■■■■■■■ third group (like the one that rhymes with Pee Tarty).


No, it ain’t. I stood firm from the very beginning I wasn’t going to vote for her. I voted for neither. I stand on principle. Can’t say the same for you. I don’t sell my vote, or soul, to the person who makes the most lofty promises.

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