How covid-19 is really effecting the election of 2020

trump can not hold his campaign large rallies.

Without them, no free publicity.

It really neuters his message badly.

Biden doesn’t need large rallies to win.

Trump does.


Trump hiding the cure all this time can’t be good either.

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I think mainly cause things are bad and it’s affecting almost everyone in the country.

And when things are bad, fairly or not, people tend to lash out at incumbent politicians.


The one rally Trump did have featured gaping holes of empty seats and an overflow area that had to be dismantled due to lack of need

I said elsewhere that in 2020 Trump no longer enjoys the two biggest strengths of his 2016 campaign:

  • mass rallies
  • running against Clinton

Also, doing one on one interviews aren’t his cup of tea.

All of which could’ve been overcome if the Idiot Whisperers* hadn’t persuaded Trump that he would lose if he dealt with a global plague like a professional.

    • Miller and Boy Jared
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I am wondering what is going to happen with any changes on how we vote?
When will each state release statements on how their voting process will be modified, if at all?

It’s all over now.

All hail president biden.

You know the thing.

Put on your record players at night, so kids can hear words.

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Pretty much looks like it.

Yeah I know “Trump/landslide/heard it/here/first”

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Takes all 50 and even dc.

First complete sweep of the electoral college ever.


D.C. is a lost cause, and there are too many crazies in a few states.

Trump is not losing in Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas, Idaho, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia or Alaska.

He will very likely win Missouri, South Carolina, Texas, Iowa and Nebraska.

He still stands a chance of winning North Carolina, Florida and Ohio because of voter suppression and gerrymandering.

I guess when you demagogue your way into a hole eventually you have to try to demagogue your way out of it.

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Trump’s punches just aren’t landing on Biden. It’s not like he isn’t flagrantly flouting the supposed division between the presidency and the campaign to get his earned media. They brought pickup trucks to the South Lawn for a visual gag for Pete’s sake.

The problem is that his earned media is hurting him this time.

So no landslide. I am disappointed.


Nate Silver has this current estimate:


I didn’t say that. Where did I say that??

The question to me was about D.C. and all 50 states.

Massive landslide for Trump though.

You heard it here first.

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Those numbers for Arizona and Florida are crazy, if accurate.

Mainly Arizona. Florida votes D often.