How come biden/obama and the vaccinated liberal establish are wearing masks?

The irony of that part of the post was deliberate, and hopefully not lost.

It’s been checked, across a plethora of sources, from last winter to now.

The only reason their recommendations are being challenged is feeeeeeeewings about assumptions.

9 months. Actually a bit less.

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So arguing just to argue at this point. Boring.

Well that means it doesn’t kill the fetus but that’s about it. Says nothing of possible long term effects.

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You seem to have forgotten Operation Warp Speed, which resulted in three extraordinary effective vaccines in one third the time that most high priority vaccines take to develop.

And you also seem to have forgotten that he was no longer President when the roll out hit its stride (they were only vaccinating about a million people a day on Inauguration Day) and that Trump also appeared in several “get vaccinated” ads, but Biden did not enlist him to hawk the vaccine as he did with Bush and Obama.

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This is not worth a comment from me. Except that I did not laugh at David Letterman jokes

Libs forget about warp speed and how they said it would take 2-5 years to get a vaccine

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Liberal elitists believe rules are only for lesser people

Got anything newer than this information from May 2021?

Didn’t forget either of those. They were literally addressed in the post to which you responded. Read more carefully.

Read he says… Depends on one’s definition of addressed.

Yes, and you ignored them. Or rather kissed them off as though they were insignificant or never happened.

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