How come biden/obama and the vaccinated liberal establish are wearing masks?

Looking like dumb dodos the left wing establishment are wearing masks while College Football is packing stadiums MASKLESS (with a few having rare masks on) and with no regard to social distancing.

I guess the left cannot waste an opportunity. Oh Obama did not wear one on his birthday bash… WTH?

maskless fans

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What is innate for $1,000 Alex? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

What is ODS for $1,000 Alex? :sunglasses: :beer: :sheep:

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650 thousand deaths later. Freeberty!!!

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And how is that working out in Florida and Texas?


I wonder how those states would be fairing if Biden’s infected southern border disaster wasn’t a factor?


shhh! you cant mention that you ll have BDS argh spittle

Maybe somebody can find a way to protect folks from getting sick from the illegal hordes that Biden is airdropping into Red States. Some kind of drug or medicine that could ward off the illness?

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maybe a real, serious leader would try to protect the nation at the borders instead of getting hard working people fired

< shrug >

oh well wut ya gonna do huh?


It’s been explained to you so many times it’s pretty hard not to conclude you know and just want to ask.

Good defense thought but I was speaking offensively. Both need to be working together.

Well, how is it?

If the governors know that the risk is high, no matter the reason. Why would they not want to take all measures that they can, to help lessen the risk of making it worse? Oh yea…Masks make one look weak, and the whole “You’re not the boss of me!”.

Biden has blood on his hands…mush in his cranium…and indifference in his heart…checks watch.

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There’s truth to that but it’s another subject and in no way excuses what I said.

Who cares?

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They’ve been horrible at mask guidance for outdoors and information to back it up. Whenever democrats try to wear them outside it seems like it’s just for show or over cautious.

Though " look at these college kids!" is not a good argument against masks either.

People wearing masks inside or outside cause you zero harm. Anyone complaining about other people wearing masks just wants to hear themselves talk. Move on.


You can’t possibly be referring to the vaccines that just a few months ago, “you can’t get sick and die, and can’t spread the virus”…" and are 95% effective" those vaccines??

The same vaccines that are reportedly killing several thousand people??

The same vaccines that biden wants to force on Americans, but let’s the illegals just come on in??

Get a clue.


Well…it is funny…seeing someone driving in a car, all by themselves…wearing a mask.

Just sayin… :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass: