How bad do you believe Joe Biden's mind is?

First let me say that this is meant to be a serious thread and I’m not looking at poking fun here. I know from personal experience that as you age that there is more a tendency to forget things, although with Joe Biden it does seem to be more than that. Also I have not watched all the debates or all of his speeches so I’m only going by a small portion of what I have seen. So I am looking to get the insight of others here who may have had some more experience with someone who’s mind was going and has a more objective view based on listening to all his debates and or speeches.

Meh. He has a serious stutter. One he has dealt with for his entire life. As he tried to quicken his pace of speech, his stutter and methods of keeping it moderated begin to fail. Having spent most of my adult life with someone who has the same style of stutter, and who has employed many of the same techniques to overcome it, it is quite easy to see this is not a mental deficiency. It’s a physical impairment that he has done a masterful job of overcoming.

Now, that said, if you want to look at actual mental acuity degradation, watch videos of Trump from 20 years ago. And then compare them to videos from 10 years ago. Then review footage from 2014-2015. And finally, look at video of him speaking, walking, jerking, moving over the last 9-12 months.

I’m firmly convinced that when Trump went to Walter Reed, unannounced, for what was described as a “partial annual physical” with no results released, that he had some sort of medical episode. His verbal ability has shown a sharp decline since. His stride has been affected. His shoulder movements and facial expressions have suffered. I truly think he may have suffered a mini-stroke or series of mini-strokes. Also something I’ve had extensive experience dealing with.


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Biden has never been too terribly well spoken off the cuff.

He has a speech impairment and one can see it rear up from time to time.

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Exactly. If Trump and his supporters try to make this a race about mental proficiency then they will be eaten alive by Biden.

Watch how he speaks and what he says when he is slow and somber. When he is talking about his family or his son that passed. When he is empathizing with a family who has also lost a loved one. He is clearly mentally sharp and can keep his impairment under control.

Stuttering is an incredibly challenging impairment. People who have never dealt with it either personally or with someone close to them really have no clue.

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I do find it odd that there is this line of attack on Biden from the Covfefe side of things.

It has to be done in irony.


Nah. It’s done in earnest. It’s what the CEC has been peddling for months. The messengers know it is irony, but the target audience is oblivious.

Post 2 and all about Trump.

Trump will be the young buck between Biden Sanders Bloomberg.

I do see Biden having processing and cognitive slowdown. I do not see this with Bloomberg or Sanders. For Biden it is deeper than misspeaking and is happening in every public appearance.

I think this is why Bloomberg jumped in. He is the backup if Biden gets worse. Biden can potentially get worse quickly…months.

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tds from the usual suspects.

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A vote is a terrible thing to waste…on joe biden.

This is joe biden’s brain

This is joe biden’s brain on drugs

Any questions?

That’s a good point as Bloomberg and Bernie are both older than Biden.

That is also why Bidens struggling is so noticable.

He isn’t going to improve.

Hasn’t he always been a gaff machine?

None of them are the picture of health including the Prez, he’s overweight and likely has some medical issues. It’s said he doesn’t sleep much, that’s not good. Maybe he takes naps like Bill Clinton did?
Sanders and Bloomie have stents and admitted so. Not that it’s a bad thing, a myocardial infarction due to a blocked aortic artery isn’t really a reason to not go into the Cath Lab and hav a stent keep things flowing! Not sure what’s up with Ole Joe bleeding from the eyes but wasn’t he treated for an aneurysm? He might be on anti clotting therapy meds ( thinners). There’s a chance he may be the one who has had “mini strokes”.
Sanders reminds me of the guy whose drive and enthusiasm craps out one day when his heart blows a rear main seal.


Isn’t it much worse now?

Not sure how one decides that; the scrutiny is certainly higher now.

No. It isn’t. These incidents have been documented for literally decades. He has a physical impairment.

I’m thankful more people don’t have to deal with it like Biden and countless others.

Because if you had the first real understanding of it, you’d probably realize how uninformed these questions would seem to those who do have to deal with this impairment daily.

I don’t mean that as a shot or an attack. But genuine gratitude you don’t fully comprehend. It’s a constant, every day battle.

He’s not stuttering. He’s incoherent.