How bad do you believe Joe Biden's mind is?

Yes, and its obvious.

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I have a friend who’s son has severe stutter, so I actually have some experience with this from that perspective. The issue I am inquiring about here has nothing to do with that.

Quite so.

It’s also concerning that he gets dates, events and people mixed up. To mix up the state you are campaigning in isn’t good. He isn’t running for a low level position.

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Biden will gladly give you a hamburger today if you vote for him on Thursday.

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I have my own opinion about Biden’s condition, but that will all come out in the debates if he is given the nomination.

Not knowing what state you are in, that’s pretty bad. Is it possible that he is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s?

I’m not a doctor, so I would be able to answer that.

However, I find it very concerning that a man running for the President of this country gets as confused as he does.


I don’t think the Democrat leaders want Biden, I think they don’t want Bernie. Even if Biden can’t handle the campaign, he isn’t likely to drag the down ticket Dems down with him.
Are many really mad at Joe?
Or afraid of what policies he will try to put in effect?

Bloomberg was going to be the great savior, but ….pffffft.

I have to say, the whole thing is a real head scratcher. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They’re depending on him pulling together the Obama coalition and that’s the safest bet the DNC has IMO. It remains to be seen how everything ends up.

Aside from his stutter, I watched his debates against Paul Ryan and he wasn’t this way then. He was sharp and cutting. Smiled like a confident jerk even. He really doesn’t seem well to me but I don’t want to be percieved as attacking him. I’ve never disliked Biden yet I understand why folks are voicing concern. Maybe he’ll be just fine. I hope so.

The fact that all the candidates other than Warren dropped out demonstrated just that.

Yes gaffes are an issue. Ability to speak is an issue. So let’s call those even and think about how he is going to govern if he were elected

Yeah he is terrible off the cuff. When he is prepped though.

He is not my choice but at this point.

Why would I call those even?

It is a concern as well as him appearing to be confused about what state he is currently in.

If he is confused a lot (as is my impression), then how can one trust how he would govern?

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You cannot be terrible off the cuff when meeting with world leaders.

Yes, it’s only okay when it’s Trump. If Biden gets the nod, I fully endorse you using the “he says stupid ■■■■ sometimes” line of attack.

Tell me how you feel about Trump’s off the cuff style with world leaders.


Because the President has a lot of issues with making errors in fact. That’s why i am suggesting it calling it even is all.

Way out in the water, see it swimmin’.

World leaders? It hasn’t been issue for the past three years.

Like i said break it even?