How are you impacted?

There are 10 confirmed cases in Wyoming, all up north.

Here in Cheyenne, my bowling leagues are still on. We won’t be high fiving.

Our community theatre has canceled its latest production, as has the symphony.

We’ve got two Walmarts and a Sam’s club. When new toilet paper comes in they dole it out. Fortunately I had stocked up months ago because I live outside of town. We’ve also got a freezer full of food.

But I like to drive in and look at the empty shelves. Yesterday at the “new” Walmart, no TP, all the candy aisle was full but frozen food was taken. No meat. Today, a bit of meat but not much. Store opened at 6 so it might have been cleared out before I got there at 8:30.

Since I work from home, my work environment is not impacted. I get my jobs from around the country and around the world, so work remains steady.

I have not looked at my investments, or my parents investments, and won’t do so for the conceivable future. I just don’t want to see what’s happening to them - and I’m confident they’ll come back, anyway.

We’re right near a hotspot so non-essential businesses are shut down and bars and restaurants are take-out only.

My daughter is still working- she works at a grocery store. I am telling her to take super-extra precautions.

My entire company is pretty much on work from home if you can.

Schools are shut down through the end of the year. My county is on the verge of shutting down, sent out a directive last night that was partially refunded today to still allow people to go to work.

My stepfather has critical surgery that is needed for aneurisms they detected a couple weeks ago, which they tried to postpone. We got it scheduled this week, but both him and my mother are highly at risk and this is not a fun situation to navigate :persevere:

I believe my county will be shut down for work soon, and that will be tricky. I started here two months ago and it is a behest Job, but that probably puts me at risk more than long time employees in the worst case scenario. The more we are forced to work remotely the less profitable we are.

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No shut down option for my company or most American’s would be dead of starvation within a month. :smile: We are busier than ever. Because of the agriculture and logistics nature of our business, work at home is not an option for lower level employees.

My daughter and her husband have gone down to my place in North Carolina and are working from there. My sons and their wives are pretty much business as normal.

In Kansas

As each day passes its becoming more and more like a shelter in place situation and we’ve had 16 cases confirmed up from 3 last week.

All schools across the state are closed for the rest of the year, all sports have been cancelled. Some of the schools I’ve read are simply not going to give grades for this year and the parents will have the option of either letting their kids repeat the year or advance to the next regardless of what their grades were at the time of the closure. (That ought to be interesting)

Many businesses are shutting down completely, most restaurants have gone to pickup or delivery only.

Court system are pushing back cases until May.

The list goes on and on.

Me personally I haven’t been to the store in probably at least a month, and I refuse to go now because I don’t want the hassle.

My own company has shut its doors to the public but we still interact with our clients over the phone or through email. 95% of the work I do can be done remotely so while I still currently come into the corporate office, I can work from home if I want. More than half our corporate employees are already working from home. Fortunately for me my job and my position are pretty much shielded from any economic downturn, so I’m not worried about that.

I had a healthy 401k, I like Alex am not even going to bother to look at it probably till the end of the year.

This is terrible. I hope the surgery can continue!

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In the Bay Area, we’re at the shelter-in-place stage except for a surprisingly large number of things which are considered “essential”.

It would not surprise me to be laid off in the next 6 months or so as a result of the financial impact of Corona virus. At my age, that essentially means I would have to retire several years earlier than planned.

Canadian border. Nothing unusual here. Lost the bar job for obvious reasons. The next few months will be interesting.

I don’t know if we’re allowed to post job opportunities here, but if you need work and like to write, you can do stuff at (not very good paying but it’s something, and unlike upwork you don’t bid on jobs, you just choose them) or

Make stuff and sell it on ebay or Etsy.

Plenty of ways a writer or craftsy person can make money from home. A supplemental income if nothing else.

Southwest Virginia here. No confirmed cases anywhere nearby. But restaurants are going to no more than 10 customers or carryout only.

In Ohio all bowling alleys are closed which SUCKS…LOL
Just got a new ball a few weeks ago and finally got it dialed in but now no more. All gyms, restaurants, bars closed except for restaurants doing carryout/delivery. All public gatherings cancelled, schools closed for at least 3 weeks. Honda just announced a 6 day stop of production to deep clean everything and will reassess at that time. All associates will be paid normal wages.

As far as my job, we are on approx 50% remote, once they get some VPN issues worked out probably going to 100% other than network operations team for break/fix. Spinning up in think 2 virtual appliances to help with the VPN issues, bandwidth restrictions on the asr devices is what I heard. I am the network asset manager and I had to go in for a bit today to receive some gear that was ordered back in January.

Local Kroger’s and Walmart seem to be handling this fairly well, only issues with of course TP and water. Other misc food items low but working on restocking.

Wife is retired so only affect on her is me being home all day, she is ready to ship me ANYWHERE…lol

First confirmed case about 30 min from work. My city is under the governors orders, with many places closed, delivery/takeout only, or reduced hours based on industry. Today we got the official work-from-home order from work. Not a big deal for me as I’ve been working from home couple days a week the last few years.

Forgot to add
Cases last Thursday was at 5, up to 67 as of yesterday. Majority are up and east of Cleveland but starting to see cases in Columbus now.

Thanks, friend. Checking it out now. Heading to grad school this August. Just need side hustles to keep the rent paid until then.

Does your screen name mean you’ve got an 840 series?

How many 300 games?

You rock!

I’m still trying for a 600 series. Missed it last week by 30 pins.

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I totally understand.

You may decide Textbroker isn’t worth it.

Upworks on the other hand is worth it, bu there is competition. When I first started out I lowballed my bids until I had worked for 10 clients who had given me great reviews - then I started bidding what I was worth and have had no problems finding clients since then.

No that is an old AOL name I just kept. High series is 729 years ago. Sanctioned 300 games is 0, highest sanctioned game is 280, first 10, left solid 10 pin in the 11th. Last week was a solid 9 away from the first 7 then left a pocket 4-9. I am a cranked and have a high rev rate so I often hit the pocket at a high angle. The new ball I got is the RotoGrip yellow Hustle, symmetrical core and drilled pin high to reduce hook. I got it to keep the ball inside 10-15 and to stay in the oil. My other 2, Hyroad X and Idol Pearl need oil, they run too much on medium to dry and will not hold inside 10.

My company is in the hospitality business. Actually, to be more specific, we are in the Tourism hospitality business.
Our stock has lost 80% if it’s value. We have shut down most of our units. Over half our hourly staff has been furloughed (and my heart aches for them) and 50% of our support staff is furloughed.
I have had to furlough half of my team in my dept and we are making plans to cut every thing in half again start if next week.
If this continues for 60 days we may be done.

We are NOT a small company. We were prepared for a slow down. But not a complete stoppage.

Have struggled this season, avg down to 173. Shoulder issues, have only had a handful of 600 this year. 595 2 weeks ago, 530 last week with the new ball

I’m a stroker (for those who don’t know bowling it means I don’t muscle the ball down the lane, I just roll it in a smooth motion!).

I’m left handed. I think I’d average 180 easily but I absolutely cannot pick up the 7-pin spare. If I never leave it I’m in the 180s and have had a few 200s. When I leave it 3 or 4 times n the same game, it’s an utter disaster which is why my average is as low as it is. When I do well, people think I’m a sandbagger, but I tell them, hey, no seven pin leaves!

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