How a good President would have left Afghanistan. The common sense approach

When the Taliban was in the open, on the move to Kabul, he would have wiped them off the face of the Earth.

Next, he would have not surrendered Kandahar airbase. He would have kept air power in Afghanistan until it was no longer needed.

He would have evacuated ALL civilians. He would not have retreated and given up any ground before the evacuation was complete. He would not have let the Taliban set up check points. That would be a non starter.

Next, he would have removed all of OUR military gear. How the hell do we not fly 4 big C-130 transports out of the country?

Any military equipment captured by the Taliban would have been destroyed by airstrikes or artillery.

Then, he would evacuate the troops.


Oh, so tough guy apocalyptic fanfic as ‘foreign policy’, eh?


What POTUS in the past 40- 50 years would have done that?

We’ll never know. We can only speculate. But we don’t need to speculate about how badly Biden ■■■■ ed this up.

Yeah if only he had wiped out the Taliban like we were unable to even begin to do in twenty years of occupation. That easy bro.

Beats the hell out of Biden’s run like hell chicken ■■■■ policy. Right?

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And what POTUS do you think would follow that scenario?

Remember when Bush and Cheney had the political cover to MOAB the Kush flat, and that still had no bearing on whether they could or couldn’t get the ISI to play ball?

Yes. It’s easy. Trump proved that when he blasted ISIS convoys into oblivion. That was pretty good. Stuff. Yes?

The Taliban trump negotiated with?

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Does bad fanfic beat just getting it over with already?

Hugin and Mugin both say: no.

Remember when Trump blasted ISIS convoys into oblivion?

How about the Taliban?

Why are you confusing the Syrian death zone with regions of Afghanistan the US never controlled?

Is this accident, or a sloppy attempt at legerdemain?

Ahh so you think Trump would have done what you posted…

The implication does seem to be that the guy who could have done it, but didn’t, would have done it but for (reasons).

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See I always knew that you guys never wanted out. You’re still Bushies at heart.

Perhaps you’ve got an explanation how twenty five hundred troops could have accomplished this deed.


I remember he was going to bring the Taliban to Camp David to negotiate on the anniversary of 9/11.


When the French are making fun of your retreat you might have done something wrong. When the local goat herder pedophiles embarrass the biggest super power you might have done some thing wrong.

Of course one can start with what every single general outside the Biden admin is saying that Bagram airport and the 400 close ground support aircraft shouldn’t have been evacuated until the civilians were. I have seen zero generals say anything differently on the subject.