Houston we have a problem with college kids voting

I agree. Do it online.

I saw a funny meme the other day,

If were to all write in cursive and switch to stick shifts, we could cripple a generation.

Russians would hack it.

I disagree.

Students that live in the dorm, maintain their home state drivers license, have to move out of the dorm during breaks, and maintain another permanent residence for tuition purposes are not legal residents (for voting purposes) in the dorm. They are transient and should vote like the military via absentee ballot back to their legal residence.

College students that maintain an apartment, change their drivers license, and establish a true legal residence should be free to register and vote in the college town.


I can do both so I’m good.

I haven’t owned an automatic in 7 years. Nothing but a good old clutch and an H-gate for me.


10 cha

Something similar could be said about every generation.

It’s called progress.

snail mail is passe…


You don’t get to decide what issues are important enough to get them to the ballot box any more than you get to decide that “abortion” is all that was needed for a lot of the south to vote for Trump.

And what leads you to believe that younger voters are voting from a position of being uninformed?

I see lots of uneducated opinions on this site from older posters which tells me that ignorance transcends age.

Postage is suppressing the voting of our most vulnerable citizens…college kids with rich or upper middle class parents.

You don’t need a stamp if its mailed in the continental US, the US Postal Service will still deliver it without one.

Your disdain for my generation is noted.

Maybe you should not make stupid assumptions? Maybe that’s a very bad habit to develop? Maybe you can simply ask me what I do or do not like? How’s that grab ya?

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Ok what’s your problem with millennials as a whole? Honest question.

I work with some excellent millennials. Bright and hard working. I don’t condemn groups or engage in group think. But I do notice tendencies. You have heard the stereotypes. Some

Some are slackers some are not. I would never judge any individual based on there age. I know what that is like as a white middle aged man. I am considered to be the spawn of Satan by many libs.

Yeah we taught our kids where they can get stamps. Often time the college bookstore sells them. That’s where I got mine in the 80s. That’s where my daughter gets here. Or she gets them when she’s home. I call ■■■■■■■■.

I am voting absentee ballot this year, and I can say it’s a pain in the butt. Read a bunch of conflicting instructions online. Sent in a request via mail, but it was sent back to me for some reason. Called my local elections board from overseas. They told me to email them a photograph of the original form. That worked, but only one race (an uncontested US congressional race) appears on my ballot currently. Looks like I’m going to have to call them again. It’s almost like they make it hard for a reason.

No, all they have to do is register to vote wherever their school is.

They don’t have to “change” anything.