Houston we have a problem with college kids voting

Youngsters when they head off to college, still vote in their hometowns. I don’t have any issues with that since they are only temporarily at the college (my daughter permently relocated after two years and changed her permanent address and registered where she is).

As such, it’s logical they would ask for a mail in ballot be sent to them at college so they can vote by mail.

But houston we have a problem. Appears the younger generation isn’t familiar with how the United States Post office works, or the locations of their offices, or locations of the many places that sell stamps to put on the envelope to mail back!

Connors says the focus group, which included college interns from numerous county departments, “had a very spirited conversation” about knowing many others who just didn’t send back the ballots because they the concept of a postage stamp was so foreign to them.

Looks like we need a new solution to kids who don’t know what a postage stamp is!

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Honestly not surprised by this. But you do bring up a good point. There’s a reason why the youth aren’t familiar with how the Postal Service works. There should be a new solution to meet modern trends.

I’m hoping that they don’t vote. There is something worse than not voting. And that is being an uninformed voter. The selfie generation is largely uninformed. If you do not know exactly what and why you are voting, then please do not vote. They have plenty of time to vote after they grow up.

While I don’t agree, ignorance of issues is not a specif trait of the young. All ages fall victim.

I’d rather an uninformed voter than a misinformed voter.


Same. I’d rather people just vote. Full stop. If they are an informed voter, great, but not necessary.

I had to ask my wife which side of the envelope the stamp goes on last week as I hadn’t mailed anything myself in 6 months. I’m 38…

Top right, same side as addresses.

I would prefer neither.:sunglasses::sunglasses:

That throws out a huge portion of Trump’s base.

You sure about that?

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I respectfully disagree. Blindly punching a ballot makes absolutely zero sense. Voting is a tremendous responsibility. Anyone who does not take it seriously should stay home. Thank God many of these folks do stay home…

Exactly. So more voters would mean a more informed populace. Voting is key. Telling people to not vote doesn’t help.

College age kids are some of the most liberal demographic. I say we should make it more difficult for them to vote, not less.

How is a stamp on an envelope more difficult???

No. You misunderstand me. It’s a happy coincidence that many college kids have never sent a letter in their lives, so they are confused on how to send in their ballot.

I just think there are probably other ways that we can suppress the younger voters.

Well, the post office is obligated to deliver absentee ballots even if there is no postage stamp on it, so there is that. But if they receive mail at school then they live there as their legal residence and should be able to vote there. If they can’t its a problem.

You are making a huge mistake. Nobody is telling anybody not to vote. That ain’t happening. I would prefer that people make an informed vote or stay home. Because being informed is good. An uninformed vote is a stooopid vote. But Nobody is telling anybody not to vote. It’s their choice to be a stooopid voter, a smart voter or a non voter.

Problem is, they keep their voter registration where they are, they arn’t required to get an ID showing the school city as their address. Many leave and head home during vacations and summer break. they don’t actually “live” where the college/university is.

They have to change a bunch of stuff to be able to vote in the city where they are going to school.

It shouldn’t be that complicated. Wherever you live, thats where you vote. Mailing address should be fine. I know folks are worried about IDs and such, but I think that sometimes some folks make it harder to vote when it affects folks we would rather not see voting, such as minorities or younger people who would tend to vote more Liberally.

College kids are pretty informed, maybe you don’t like that either? I hear all the time about “indoctrination”, but if that was a priority maybe more Conservative folks should teach.

I think it more lies in the passions of youth and idealism, in time that fades but at that age they’re raring to go.