House Republicans release articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas

Dude you honestly cannot be that ignorant of how the house political system works.

Then you need new glasses.

But I’m not going to bother explaining why again. It is pointless as it goes in one ear and out the other.

Dude, you obviously can be that tunnel-visioned and two-dimensional a thinker.

From what I read there is another vote tomorrow and it should pass assuming no one has been persuaded. I expect Johnson is making sure there is no repeat of last week which regardless of what some said it was an embarrasing defeat. Then it will go to the Senate where it will die.

Anyone who votes against impeaching Mayorkas, who is a ■■■■■■■ liar to Congress and a traitor to his country…clearly displays just how corrupt they truly are. I’ll bet that ANY R that voted against this, has ended their political career.

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If the impeachment vote fails again (i think it will pass) will this be the end of Johnsons tenure as speaker?

That’s what the troughs are feeding.

What do you think? Though I suppose its a moot point if it passes. If it does not then in my uneducated opinion Johnson is proving that on key votes for Republicans he is incapable of leading the Republicans. But if it passes then kudos to him.

Though this should have been an easy win for him last week. Does Johnson decide who the whips are?

There is a problem with in our government and what it is, are all of the career politicians who are in this for their self gain and not representing the best interests of their constituents. MAGA is a movement that is outing and voting out these Republican, establishment turds. Where’s Liz Cheney…and yet her father was the VP? She’s a part of the corrupt establishment. These votes are making the establishment turds raise their hands. It’s exposing them. Johnson is a part of this. The media is a part of what’s wrong with our country, not what’s right and they’re against Johnson. If this bill doesn’t pass again, all it does is expose more of those that need to be voted out of office. Ask Adam Kissinger, he’ll confirm this too. “We” are finally on a better path IMO.

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I do not share your optimism and if you think those pols who are draping themselves in Maga are somehow more honorable and les inclined to self serve their own interests then you are being incredibly naïve.

I am not a fan of how impeachment is being bandied around by both sides so frequently but hey thats the world we live in.

Our country’s politicians have gone from representing “we the people” to representing their own self interests and making millions. Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McCallum are just a few that represent what I’m saying. The ground floor of voters have been busy in their own lives…raising families and pursuing careers. What Trump did was wake these people up that they need to take some of that energy and refocus it on politics before it’s too late and that brings us to today.


As I said I do not share your optimism.





Good …

It’s about time one of the corrupt liars in this administration was held responsible for his or her complete failures.

This administration has done irreparable damage to this country…The southern border is a travesty and Mayorkas has repeatedly lied about that simple reality. He’s a laughable farce…

I’m sure this won’t go anywhere in the Senate but that’s ok…He is now officially an impeached cabinet official.

Mayorkas should never have held the lofty position he holds.


And as I understand it, no Republican in the House can state what high crime or misdemeanor he committed. Political theater continues at the direction of Donald J. Trump.

I would not be at all surprised if the Senate simply summarily dismisses the impeachment, which is fully within their prerogative to do.

In any event, policy disagreements are not a valid ground for impeachment and I see no high crimes or misdemeanors that he has committed.

I’m guessing now house republicans will start work on legislation to address the border crisis?


They already did. It has been sitting in a drawer in the senate since last year.