House report: At least 18 migrant children ( <2yo) were separated from parents for up to half a year

First, this data is from the Trump administration and we all know they lie like the rest of us breath. So the truth, when we finally get it in 2 to 4 years, will be much worse.

So, they kept little kids away from their parents up to 6 months.

I bet people in horrible situations will think twice about seeking asylum here in our country from now on.

Also, does anyone know if any of our churches are protesting at or Southern border?

This is just what asylum in the United States looks like for Central American refugees. The fact that these people still continue to come shows you just how desperate conditions are in those countries. Even in a cage they’re probably better off here, otherwise more of them wouldn’t come. We need to make conditions worse, not better, if we’re going to properly deter people from seeking asylum in the United States.

How many of these children were brought here by persons not their parents and used as cover to game the “amnesty” loopholes?

We are a cruel country.


Why don’t you tell us.

House report: At least 18 migrant children ( <2yo) were abandoned by parents for up to half a year.

That would be human trafficking, correct?

joe biden says “we need family separations”, and that guy helped obama deport over 3 million illegal aliens, so I think he knows what he’s talking about.


Biden has never known what he is talking about.

Can’t help but wonder how many citizens were murdered by illegals during that same 6 months.

I’m guessing some of them might have even been murdered by illegal babies… lock um up!

I’m sure you can’t help but imagine scenarios that justify, to yourself anyway, the abuse of immigrants, their children and the deaths that have resulted from that abuse.


Allowing millions of illegals to stay results in a lot of citizens losing their lives.

The dem party doesn’t seem to care.


Irony Award. The dems seem to try and justify the many crimes committed by illegals against citizens.

Collateral damage in their eyes? :thinking:

Do you attend church?

If so, what does your church say about helping those in need?

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Please share with the rest of the class all the many crimes committed by those who we’ve abused on the border. Did the kids steal a lollipop?

The crimes occur once the illegals get in and the radical left seems to want them all here.

How many American lives are expendable?

Yes. And a small price to pay in The Game of Power.

What happened to separation of church and state? Does it fall under the Convenience Clause?