House Moves to Terminate National Emergency


You know, this is an interesting point. He’s required by law to, but what are the consequences if he doesn’t?


I thought it interesting from the beginning that he would take money earmarked for drug interdiction to build a wall to deal with drug interdiction. Especially since a wall is likely less effective than focusing on where the bulk of drugs cross the border at the ports of entry…


It is going to be very interesting to see how these five GOP Senators are going to vote on this House resolution from light blue and light red states that are up for reelection in 2020.

  1. Cory Gardner (Colorado)
  2. Susan Collins (Maine)
  3. Martha McSally (Arizona)
  4. Thom Tillis (North Carolina)
  5. David Perdue (Georgia)

I have read that Senator Collins is going to vote for this resolution.


I have also read that Rand Paul is on board too.


Yeah we’ll see. I don’t buy anything Rand Paul says. I doubt Tillis and Perdue as well. When it comes down to it I think they’ll support party and president over conscience.


That’s great. Trump is building the wall and has the issue too… His latest rise in the polls is because women want the wall.


What rise in the polls? Even Rasmussen has him at 49 when I checked this morning.


Suburban women want the wall, buoying Trump after fleeing in 2018


That’s great, but Rasmussen still has him at only 49. And for him to be at 49 with Rasmussen, that’s pretty bad.


Well no, women don’t want the wall. Your link says suburban women want the wall. So we just do what suburban women want? It’s kind of like when Trump claims he has high approval among women and he means white women. Minorities don’t count.


That’s not true. Lots of Hispanics and blacks support the wall…


Yeah but the majority don’t. Lots of suburban women don’t support the wall. 45-40 support it. So using your logic you’re wrong, suburban women don’t support the wall. Are you understanding this? The majority of Americans don’t want the wall or the emergency action. In every demographic you will find some people who support Trump. Trump is below 50% approval because most Americans don’t approve of what he’s doing. Even if 45% of suburban women want a wall.



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It’s not a rule, it’s part of the law (National Security Act of 1976) that it has to be presented for a vote.
Just say’n.


Here in CO, R-Senator Cory Gardner faces a tough reelection. His seat is one that is among the most winnable for Dems since the state flipped from purple to Blue.

Gardner is clearly doubling down on support for Trump.

It’s surprising to me, because back in 2014 when he won the seat, he was more RINO and moderate than his primary opponents. And he ran unabashedly as someone more moderate than his rivals. Even during the 2016 presidential election he was opposed to Trump in his statements about the candidates.

But for his 2020 run, he has chosen to go all in on Trump.

Undoubtedly, this is a single data point. But it’s one I see every day in ads and local news reports. Other Senators may choose differently.


Drug Cartels and human traffickers demand it and some of these Democrats support them obviously by ignoring the crisis.


And what os the consequence if mcconnel refuses to follow the law?


Drug cartels and human traffickers want the wall…

They will still get their products through but can then charge higher costs…

So trump supporters are siding with the drug cartels and slavers…


I don’t really know. Interesting question though.

I was simply pointing out that the required vote is not a matter of the Senate rules, it was a function of the relevant law.



Yeah, but republicans havent shown much interest in following laws lately…