House Moves to Terminate National Emergency


Gee im totally shocked i tells ya.


Indeed. So what would be the consequences if McConnell just said, to heck with it. I’m going to ignore this part of the law and not bring it forth for a vote? Who or what can stop him? I doubt this will happen, but for curiosities sake.


If that his choice, I applaud his honesty in giving the voters a clear-cut decision.


Senator Gardner is going to lose his reelection bid if the Democrats don’t end up with a very bad Senate candidate. Trump lost Colorado to Hillary Clinton by 4.9%.


How long did it take for you to think that one up?


It’s true for more than just the reason listed. They would much rather our focus be there than where they’re actually smuggling the drugs across


If I was a drug smuggler, I’d be laundering as much money through to Individual-1’s coffers to make sure he follows through on the wall. It’s a no-brainer in terms of ROI.


This is why it’s freaking corrupt for a president to put the Senate Majority Leader’s wife on his cabinet!! Cocaine Mitch is corrupted, he doesn’t want to do anything against the wife’s boss. He wants to hold on to her salary and perks, and Dumpster Donnie knows it. This is sick.


She probably took a pay cut to join the cabinet. She’ll make it up on the other end.

In the meantime, the perks that concern Mitch are the ones that result from “happy wife, happy life”. That’s the leverage.


Trump links support for his policies to wet water and dark night. Hard pass on this data.


Harry reid created the nuclear option. Democrats set the stage for us to have control over the judicial system. The biden rule made it so mcconnell didnt have to change the rules


That’s not what your link says. But carry on.


Just like Reid and Schumer.


That high? That’s amazing.


That post could very easily be labeled misogynistic.

Do they count more than the majority?


Yes, This is just common sense to most people.


Not for Rasmussen. :wink:


I’m shocked he can get 49% from just MAGA hat owners.


Well as I understand it, Rasmussen polls land lines. Most people that still have land lines tend to be older and maybe also more rural - both of which tend to be more conservative. Now whether or not they have MAGA hats…I haven’t seen that in the polling.


It was such an emergency that Trump waited 2 years, until his party no longer had control of both chambers of congress, to decide it was an emergency.

And it was also so much of an emergency, that Trump recently said he didn’t have to declare an emergency. but just chose to.

That’s right, folks. Trump could not only shoot someone on 5th ave and get away with it, he could say he did it just for fun and his base would still applaud it.